gps speedometer for car

Best GPS Speedometer KPH 2017

ZXLine A8 5.5 inches GPS Speedometer KPH Price GPS Speedometer KPH – Comes with an exclusive 1-year Zixia limited warranty and 30 -day fund back guaranteed. Purchase this speedometer gps pro with confidence. A8 car head up Colorful display, 5.5″ HD screen and easy to read data. Screen fuction including: accelerate, engine rotational accelerate, water… read more »

gps phone watch tracker

Best Price GPS Phone Watch For Kids 2017

MX-LOCare GPS Phone Watch For Kids And Elderly – This GPS Phone Watch perfect safety device for elderly, teens, offsprings, lone workers and trade people with physical disability or cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s or autism. With 2-way voice calling, voice contents and listen- in mode to hear the surrounding. Free smartphone app Android offering… read more »