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Best GPS Key Finder 2017 Reviews

Simrad NSS7 evo2 Combo Multifunction Insight

GPS key finder reviews – NSS7 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display blends kind, fit and function in an easy-to-use multifunction machine. The integrated NSS evo2 MFD features a sleek display with TouchSensible multi-touch interaction.  provides precision interaction in any sea condition with its logical keypad input and rotary, push to enter knob. With its widescreen 16:9 presentation, integrated StructureScan, Broadband sonar also expandability the NSS evo2 is well suited for central console, sportfishing and power cruising boats. best gps key finder

gps key finder
gps key finder

Key Features :


  • TouchSensible interface with multi-touch control and rotary dial
  • Display with pre-set and customizable navigation panels
  • Flush-mount installation and classic black and brushed silver trim panels
  • Embedded, hi-gain 10 Hz GPS/ GLONASS antenna
  • Embedded CHIRP enabled Broadband sounder and StructureScan Sonar
  • Best in Class Performance:
  • Fast Processor
  • Bright Screen
  • Complete vessel integration
  • Low Profile 8mm front mount option
  • GPS works in flush mount installations
  • Simrad GoFree WiFi integration capability
  • Full autopilot integrating capability
  • Networking capability


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Humminbird 999ci HD Combo Fish Finder System

  •  8 in full-color HD screen
  • Side Imaging exposes 240 ft. section on either side of boat
  • Switch Fire sonar senses fish down to 1,500 ft.
  • Down Imaging lets you identify structures beneath boat
  • Internal key finder with gps
  • Compatible with iPilot, radar, autopilot and 360 Degree imaging
  • New Higher Speed Processor

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You’ve met largemouth and smallmouth.  This jaw-dropping and super-bright presentation boasts a 16:9 facet ratio, making for easy, split-screen see of Humminbird Imaging Sonar, 2D Sonar also a full range of advanced navigation features. Talk about an invasive species. High definition 900 Series by your predatory instinct-will swallow up every lunker in sight.

key finder with gps
key finder with gps

Side imaging with the 8″ screen is very awesome! Build quality, features and ease of use, all get 5 superstars. Have this mounted on a 90+ MPH, 19′ Bullet Bass Boat, w/ 225 Merc EFI. Was torn between this and the Lowrance simulates but like the one transducer setup. Include transducer mounted to my jackplate and use a Vexilar flasher to see depth at hi hastens. Utilizing the most significant Ram Mount they construct; bought kit that comes with a handle expansion wrench to torque it down. Unit doesn’t move even at max velocity. You need this size screen to construct side imaging useful. I had a Helix 5 but moved it to my trolling engine due to screen size. Works great there merely not sufficient detail. Have always had great results with Hummingbird.  Goes with a nice Hard cover to protect screen when not in use. Also has reliable bolt on blanks for ports you aren’t currently using.

Item was listed as new and opened containers it was used. Bundles was open, dirty and missing parts. Spent 3 hours installing on craft and tried to power it up and “its been” transgres. expend another hour drawing wires back out to send it back

awesome depth finder well worth the money. gps is unbelievable with merely the bundle that comes with it. large presentation easy to appreciate with my old eyes lol.was really hard selection to make for that much fund, but one trip up in the saint Lawrence river near clayton was well worth it. a lot of boulders and shoals but knew the depths and where the dangerous fields are. takes a little to get used too but very easy to navigate thru the screens.

Humminbird 1199ci HD Combo Fish Finder System

GPS key finder amazon – If you’re fishing for monsters and it helps to have one by your side. A huge, super-bright showing combinings with Humminbird’s full sonar arsenal to give you a richly detailed view of the lake. But powerful sonar only thing this beast brings to your helm to a full dose of navigation and situational awareness power. With the 1100 Series as your wing man and weigh-in records beware.

best gps key finder
best gps key finder
  • 10.4 inch HD LCD with 600 V x 800 H resolution
  • Internal GPS
  • Side Imaging range to 240 ft. on either side and Side Imaging depth to 150 ft.
  • Switch Fire Sonar depth to 1,500 ft.
  • Down Imaging depth to 150 ft.
  • 4,000 watts pinnacle to peak/ 400 watts RMS
  • New Higher Speed Processor

Best gift my bf ever received! I expended a lot of time researching this, Lowance and Hummingbird seems to be the way. Now wants another once for up by his trolling motor. He’s still trying to figure out all the cool things it can do but it’s fun to see what’s under sea on the Delta!

Humminbird is the Great! They improved brightness over my older 898 HD. Networked it in to my older unit as in the documentation. Operates great. this an awesome unit. Unbelievable viewing size. First of all the price is great right now. I compared to the Onix. I was a little just scared the durability of the joystick on the Onix. Plus, why would you crave a touchscreen like on the Onix. It’s tough enough preventing the screen clean on my I pad. I can imagine a touch screen on a barge. Greasy screen that you are trying to view from a few feet away-Seriously.

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I was more than pleased with my two 1199′ s. Gary at the Bass Pro shop in Garland Texas set mine up after they did the install. Everything operates flawlessly. The images I’m getting from SI to DI are remarkable. All I will say is these are proven. It all plays  concert together. I’m not sure why anyone would ever do cable steer again.

My 1199 ci continues to function well after a year of use on the Gulf of Mexico. These are much like the 1198 c units, but with an internal GPS antenna( you can still add an external GPS puck) and a faster processor, but the 1199 ci does not have the 8-p in ethernet port. Like the 1198 c, the unit comes packaged with the XHS -9-HDSI-180-T transducer which performs both side imaging and down imaging roles. The yield for imaging is 1000 watts.

The unit appears to have a polarized screen. This works well in low-light, but where reference is bright outside and you’re wearing polarized sunglasses, the effect of having two layers of polarization can build the screen difficult to read.

When coupled with the 360 SSI, the system is unbeatable. One can get on target and Sometimes my guests spend more time enjoying the sonar illustrations than fishing. Occasionally, the 1199 ci has an issue coupling with the 360 SSI transducer on start-up. To overcome this, only power-up the 360 SSI a minute before powering-up the 1198 ci unit.

The GPS is a good as can be expected. The image capture is adequate, but managing the images and data points is cumbersome. The screen becomes speedily cluttered with different icons. I bought an additional power cord and accommodated it to a cigarette lighter. Now I can manage behavior phases and cleaning process screen clutter in the comfort of my garage.

Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 Fish Finder with Insight USA 83 LSS-2 Transducer

gps key finder reviews
gps key finder reviews

Lowrance Gen3 Fishfinder with Insight USA Your sonar just got a lot clearer. The ULTIMATE fishing helper. With all the features you enjoyed about your Gen2, GPS location, StructureScan etc. but with a major upgrade. Gen3 now arrives equipped with CHIRP technology, giving you a clearer illustration and a greater opportunity of situating the fish you crave. You’re able to view CHIRP sonar and StructureScan 3D, live, at the same time, giving you a greater position of both fish and arrangements below and on either side of your craft. Retrieve your info faster with either the touchscreen or the keypad for unbelievably fast access to all of your HDS features. Access  integrated WiFi to control and view your presentation from your supported tablet or smartphone. Share and transfer maps employing the more compact dual MicroSD card slots with waterproofed embrace. All these great new features, and it will mount directly into your age-old Gen2 mount and is plug and play with your current Lowrance performance modules.

Brilliant Display: Touchscreen interface sets a affluence of GPS chartplotting, navigation and more right at your fingertips; 7″ 800 x 480 16 -bit colouring TFT LCD display for astonishingly crisp, clear views all hours of the working day, even in bright sunlight and broad angles; Lightning-fast chart updates, panning and zooming, plus faster start-up and menu running; Simple-to-follow menu operation and graphic interface build the HDS Gen3 easier than ever to master; Super-bright, sunlight-viewable displays and Quad-screen presentation capable; Provides GPS and sonar overlay data; Multi-language presentation( offered in regional speech packs ).  superior interference abandonment for clearer, easy-to-see bait fish and play fish targets; Multiple CHIRP and Broadband Sounder frequencies from a single transducer; 180 -degree view.

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  • 7 inch screen size
  • Touch/ Key pad menu
  • Built-in CHIRP sonar
  • Built in wireless
  • Built in Bluetooth

Simrad GO7 XSE Fishfinder TotalScan Transom Mount Transducer

gps key finder android
gps key finder android

The GO7 XSE offers easy to use with intuitive touchscreen controls that smartphone and tablet consumers will find instantly familiar. Tap to make or select waypoints, pinch to zoom, or tap and drag to pan smoothly across maps. Simple home screen and menu layouts make all functions promptly accessible, with large captioned icons that are easy to tap and recognize.

GO7 XSE GPS is a full-featured chartplotter, with is supportive of the widest available range of cartography options including C-MAP, MAX-N, Navionics( r ), Insight, Insight Genesis and NV Digital Chart. Navigate confidently to destinations near and far, with the flexibility to choose maps that best fit your needs. Set record those destinations easily with simple waypoint mangement also recognize waypoints with a touching, and assign meaningful names that make it easy to look up your desired destination whether you’ve mapped out ten places or a thousand.

Simrad GO7 XSE GPS finder is fully customisable to suit your tank and your favourite on-water activities- from power boating, to fishing, to sea athletics. Customise home screen with shortcuts features you use most and personalise it with your select of wallpaper. Adjustable split-screen views and customisable panel layouts let you realize everything you need on-screen at once, whatever your activity.

  • Brand_Simrad, Marine Navigation and Equipment,
  • Marine Navigation and Equipment
  • Authorized Dealer
  • GPS Fishfinder Combos and Rebates
  • 60 Day Returns
  • Lifetime Tech Support

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I did not buy this division from Amazon but have owned it for about 4 months now and utterly adoration it. I upgraded from a Garmin unit and let me tell you the insight maps are fantastic. This unit is very easy to be established by and use. I was on the fence about buying this or the Lowrance Elite 7-TI. I ultimately chose this unit because it is a full touching screen unlike the Lowrance unit. Simrad and Lowrance both share the same mother company Navico, so the transducer is the same for both units. I was a little surprised how large-scale the transducer was, but is works great. The only downfall I have found in so far is that you cannot utilize chirp sonar at the same time as side scan. You can use chirps while utilizing downscan though. The only other major difference between the Simrad and Lowrance unit is that the Simrad does not connect to the Motorguide trolling engine, but I use Minn kota so that was not a problem for me.

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