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Caref GPS Phone Watch Reviews

Caref GPS Phone Blue

caref gps phone watch and kidsport gps tracking band
caref gps phone watch and kidsport gps tracking band

Caref GPS Phone Watch lets you keep track of kids utilizing assisted GPS location services and lets you send and receive bellows just like a cell phone. You can situate your kids, mail text contents, specified “safe-zone” geo-fence bounds and line location history all from your mobile app. this GPS Phone watch has only one SOS button for emergencies and will send you alertings should your child wander outside the safe region. A monthly data programme subscription is required. Design range from $9.95- $21.95 is dependent on utilization and can be activated by downloading the free mobile app on your iOS Apple or Android machines. Precise Innovation is the only approved distributor of Caref GPS Watch in the United States. We ship direct from our warehouse and manage the apps and data programs. Beware of other dealers on Amazon or amazingdealuk.info that may not have accurate information about the product.

The Caref package contains a colorful USB cable and charger. Before utilizing Caref, please charge it for at the least one hour. The cable is inserted in the port as seen here: Caref will last 24-48 hours based. Treat it like a cell phone, which is typically charged at end of all day. Comprise down on the Power Button for three seconds to turn on your Caref On or Off. It is recommended that you take your watch outside for five minutes so it can get a good GPS ” mend ” the first time you use it. A best “fix” occurred when you have an unobstructed view of the sky.

Caref GPS watch reviews :

This is a great product for young children when the are get a little bit older and crave a little more freedom. The designing is easy to use and has a great look to it that is good for children 4 to 18. I like the tracking the characteristics and the capacities for their own children to contact me in an emergency.

Caref GPS Phone Watch (Pink)

caref gps phone watch reviews
caref gps phone watch reviews
  • Send and receive phone calls to and from watch
  • Locate your child from a mobile phone or tablet
  • Receive SOS button alerts and phone calls
  • Monthly data project necessitated, starting at $9.95 per month
  • Send text message to the watch

Caref GPS phone watch reviews :

This watch serves its purpose of tracking your child when they go on a school trip or something like that. it is a little large-scale but that’s the size it is. You can call watch and the watch can call you, you are able to text the watch, the watch cannot text you. Only issue I have with it it doesn’t catch signal inside a build, so it send a signal every 10 minutes and if your child entered a build more than 10 minutes ago, you can’t track them while they are inside which sorts of overcomes the level of tracking their whereabouts.

Yes the connection could be better, but we’ve become reasonably dependant on this GPS watch when our daughter is out.  She loves the ability to call us just because so it’s a win win for the parents and offspring. I was hoping to see an upgraded version because we have had issues such as the strap before. Additionally I would love to see it waterproofed since we have a pond not to mention when she’s simply around water. But overally this was a good buy for our requires.

GBD GPS Tracker Watch for Kids with Sim Card Phone

GPS Tracker Watch for Kids
GPS Tracker Watch for Kids

Free compatible SIM card is already with watch package, so you need not have to buy extra SIM thereby avoiding the incorrect SIM card. There is a 5 $/ Month Plan, Saving your money compare others 15-20$ high cost plan.We simply show to use the SIM Card inside the box we freely rendered, Please don’t buy other label SIM card to avoid useless or limited value. Ensure employ this GPS watch with SIM card which we freely provided together in 2G network signal field Map.find out whether the field you are in the Map.

Support Micro SIM CARD, Two-way calls, SOS Emergency Call, GPS Tracker with GBD App+ Achieve real-time location tracking, Security fence and Fitness Tracker. GBD GPS Location Tracker 3 mode positioning entails doubled security for kids. Achieve the working day real-time location tracing, check the position at anytime anywhere. Super Prized! Cute giftbox with GBD ME-Park’ adorable cartoon, nice Christmas Birthday Holiday endowments for kids and If you met any question. You could follow our direction’ Video Introduction’ of all setting paces clearly or experience free to find us on giftbox back side.

GPS Tracker Watch for Kids Reviews:

The GPS location is approximate and I wasn’t as accurate as Google Maps is. You use the map from within the App. That told I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried SOS button feature to receive a text message on my phone with a link to Google maps where I was. So, if your child feels they need to send SOS location message to programed receivers, GPS will be pretty accurate.

I’m trying to think of the other features, there are so many within the app. Monitoring one is pretty impressive although and I can see it being abused. When you program your cell number into that slot, then press the monitor button in the app, it forces watch to dial your cell phone. It softens loudspeaker, so wearer of watch does not know that it is dialing and you can hear everything that the watch microphone picks up. Again, the lucidity was impressive.

Caref GPS Phone Watch (Purple)

caref gps watch reviews
caref gps watch reviews

We have one and enjoy it. Can’t even begin to explain the peace of mind checking at sleepovers to make sure she is still there. Knowing she has a way to notify me in a uncomfortable situation. To call or message her if programmes change. When she is with elderly grandparent to track that they are ok and communications for her to get ahold of us if she must be free to. GPS if auto goes off the road in snow.  There are a ton of other reasons. It’s cheaper than a cell phone program and you get gps tracking.

Very disappointed in this watch. The setup process did not work well and then has not been able to save. I opened  app I had to re-setup this Best GPS Phone watch. Then I had to provision watch each time too so I lost a lot of faith in the GPS being accurate. The telephone quality is horrible too. My offspring previously applied a Caref GPS Phone Watch which was amazing. I eventually gave up when the band of the watch started breaking within a month and continually transgressed off thereafter. I was usually able to find the parts and put it back together but the last time was at our nation bazaar and I was lucky to find the watch itself. I contacted customer service and “theyre saying” I had to purchase a new ensemble and “its just not” guaranteed. At this point, the watch falls off every time my child wears it so what’s the point in having her even set it on.


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