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Cheap GPS Tracking For Motorcycles Best Buy

Flashmen Mini Vehicle Motorcycle Bike spy GPS Time Tracker

Best GPS Tracking For Motorcycles
Best GPS Tracking For Motorcycles

Best GPS Tracking For Motorcycles – Check the product, open the parcel, and check product modeling and accessories. If there is something wrong or missing, pls contact the distributor. SIM card choice terminal need to insert a GSM SIM card, SIM card choice pls refer to the merchant` s sentiment. SIM card installation, utilize a hand to disclose the terminal cover, the SIM card metal face down into the SIM card slot, uncover SIM card slot cover, then fasten card slot cover, and finally put on the back shell. GPS tracker for bike amazon

  • GSM Quad-band frequency
  • Wide input voltage assortment: DC9-24V
  • Bulid-in tremor sensor and smart anti-theft
  • Build-in back-up battery, subsistence illegal main power cut-off alarms
  • Moving alarm and monitoring
  • SMS& Web portal tracking available.


User guide is poor is impossible to understand and does no project posture. Link some time replayed does no project. In the guide apperas others features that with SMS the unit reply but no way to install. Will be fine if a better user guide will be available. easy-going to setup has nice apps for pc and cell phone. went and got me the h20 sim card threw $10.00 on it set up the tracker in 14 min.

XCSOURCE Tracker Real-time Locator GPS Tracking Motorcycle

Real-time tracking, depict location knowledge automatically. It requirement password to make and change any setup, protect your privacy. Get the directives and location knowledge via SMS, inquiries on Google map. Built-in switching power supply, wide voltage input scope, plug and work.It can detect and set some problems by built-in observe CPU.

Location inquiry by SMS or GPRS. Three-color LED status display, to keep abreast of the working status of the tracker. It can accurately posture even when the signal is weak.

Real-time Locator GPS Tracking Motorcycle
Real-time Locator GPS Tracking Motorcycle


  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 12 mm/ 3.5″ x 1.8″ x 0.5″( L x W x H)
  • Power input: 7~ 50 V DC
  • GPS channels: 20
  • GSM frequency: 850/900/ 1800 MHz
  • GPRS frequency: Class2, TCP/ IP built-in GSM Module
  • GPS module: SIRF Star III/ LP
  • Tracking sensitivity: -159 dBm
  • Warm start:< 15 sec
  • Acquisition sensitivity: -144 dBm
  • Hot start:< 2sec
  • Cold start:< 38 sec
  • Antenna: built-in GSM, GPS antenna with low-grade noise and high-pitched gain
  • 3 LED indicators: GPS-blue, GSM-green, power-red
  • Function buttons: power/ SOS

I already put a son automobiles but once I dial the amount all it tells is* the amount you have call as a mail carton “thats really not” been defined* but I know it supposed to reply wit a content isnt. mine doesn’t so I know I am doing something wrong because I have 3 device and SIM is working and have credit on it. easy-going to configure and color black teammate for hide. I brought other trackers and i can’t defined as this one.

Doinshop Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker Vehicle Motorcycle

Real Time GPS Tracker Vehicle Motorcycle
Real Time GPS Tracker Vehicle Motorcycle
  • Substance: ABS Voltage range: 9-48 VDC
  • GPRS: Class 12, TCP/ IP Standby current: 0.2 mA
  • Build-in vibration senor, the realization of vehicle vibration alarm
  • GSM: 900/1800 MHz or 850/ 1900 MHz
  • Micro letter management platform, free control
  • Size: Approx. 5.5 x 3.7 x 1.3 cm L x W x T
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20 degC- +70 degC
  • Support SMS and GPRS platform tracking
  • Work environment humidity: 20% -80% RH
  • Real time location tracking, line playback
  • Build-in vibration senor, the realization of vehicle vibration alarm
  • Mobile client support android, apple system remote control




Vectu Pro Vehicle Real-time GPS Tracking for Motorcycles

Vectu PRO GPS Vehicle Tracker is hard-wired to your vehicle’s battery and lets you locate it at all times use myAspenta web or mobile app. Internal GPS and GSM antennae make Vectu Pro mountable almost anywhere in private vehicles. Vectu gps tracking device for motorcycle comes with an installed SIM card and which allows you to use it anywhere in the world where GSM reception exists. You can view place of the device via the free myAspenta app for iOS and Android or on the web at amazingdealuk.info.

Real-time GPS Tracking for Motorcycles
Real-time GPS Tracking for Motorcycles

Device shipped with an installed SIM card and includes 2 days of service at no rate. Service after that at the low cost of $15.00/ quarter or $50.00 prepaid annually. No Activation Fee and Use of GPS & GSM Network, Vectu can be located via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM( 2G) cellular reception exists. No roaming fees and GPS based answers are cost prohibitive whereas products from Vectu remove wandering costs and therefore furnish “the worlds largest” cost effective solution worldwide. EASY TO use in Android, iOS and more app. Running in tandem with Vectu, the myAspenta mobile/ web app furnishes all the tools needed to securely control and observe people and things that are most important to you. Unlimited user notifies via text, email, and in-app notifications.

GPS tracker review:

The original division they transmitted me ran ok, but was somewhat disappointing. Run sometimes like I’ve seen on other critiques, and hardly at all other periods. Then after a few months, it discontinued working all together! When I contacted Customer services at 1st, they likewise gave me the run around like and I didn’t install it properly. I’ve been in the Auto Repair and Towing business for 40+ years, and followed the instructions to the letter! Even wholly uninstalled, re-installed, and tried re-programming twice, with no luck. They did send me a second division, and it has been working perfectly for over a month now. Sometimes the Histotrack is a little off, so you click on Heatmap.

If you need to keep track of any of your vehicles, older a young, ormotorist in your family, or just plain, Crave to know where your vehicle, and then I would highly recommend this product !!

I did notice in an G-mail to renew the yearly contract, price is going up a little from the original $35.00 a year. But in comparing similar gps tracking motorcycle devices, I would defiantly buy another,as long as the renewal rates remain under $50.00 a year and highly recommend it to anyone.

I searched for a good vehicle GPS tracking device with a reasonable cost for the cellular service. The Vectu Pro service plan is very reasonable and everything is working perfectly so far. I installed it under the sprint of our 2000 F550 and it had no problem at all picking up a GPS signal and giving via the cell network. I love the iPhone app likewise- very easy to use and allows me to check record of trips quite easily. I verify where the App would also easily assistance multiple Vectu Pro devices. I am definitely considering acquiring more of these.

LandAirSea LAS-1505 Tracking Key Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Vehicle GPS Tracking System
Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Ideal For Parent Who Crave To Assure If Their Adolescents Are Quickening Or Employers Who Crave To Assure Where Their Employees Are Driving. Small Gps tracking Device or motorcycle Receives Signals From 24 Gps Satellite Orbiting The Earth. Internal Computer Accurately Specifies The Site Of Device Within 2.5 M and Records Data Every Sec.

I was truly suspicious when I went GPS shopping, because I’d heard so many problems about metal impede signals and so forth. I threw the tracking key through all kinds of tests in my van, obscuring it upside down under the seat, inside the sprint, stashing it back inside the compartment for the jack, surrounding it with pointing and metal it in all different directions. The battery lasted me the next two weeks of regular driving, though, so it more than compensated. But yeah, as a first time purchaser of a tracking machine and thorough tester, I was highly impressed. It shows on an overhead map( adjustable to spacecraft images with Google Earth !) the exact footpath private vehicles took, or an animated time-clocked excursion, evidencing where it went, how long it stopped, when it took off again. No subject how profoundly I disguise it in the car, it never lost my signal formerly. Definitely an excellent buy, I’d recommend it to anyone with covert tracking needs.

We have a need to recapture the routes the vehicles have traveled for the day, what stops were made( address ), how long those stops lasted, and the exact time of the advents and deviations. Likewise, we wanted to view the road on a map to recognize instances of getting lost. When we downloaded the data for the working day, it simply evidenced 3 of the 6 stops made, and there was no accounting at all for about three hours of time.

Motorcycle gps tracker reviews :

Thinking it might be a placement issue, the next day we placed it on top of the sprint, in plain sight, where the instructions said it would get it’s optimum satellite signal. It still took virtually 10 times to acquire a GPS signal to begin tracking formerly movement began. Unit is not sensitive enough to awaken within the firstly few paws of movement, and takes much too much time to acquire a GPS signal, stimulating it was not possible to to recapture continuous data.

Other design issues are absence of an on/ off switch so the unit is always on, draining the batteries. The manufacturer articulates the unit be applicable to low-spirited power mode when not moving but appreciate my commentary about that feature. Likewise, to change the batteries, you must remove 4 super small-minded fuckings. This will lead to stripped fuckings in short ordering. There needs to be a fasten machine instead.

I received this Tracking device about two weeks ago. I wanted something that was inexpensive and I did not have the is necessary to a subscription based product. I have access to the device daily. I threw it inside the vehicle where it does not have metal overhead as indicated for best reception. On one of its consideration of the report I read that the batteries are not lasting but one or two days for the reviewer. My suffer over the last two weeks is very different. I am use a cheap alkaline Walgreens brand battery and just changed it today after 13 days. The low-spirited battery indicator was not activated but I felt it was time to change it in cases where. The Past Track software that comes with it is not the greatest but it operates. It also works well with Google Earth. There are a few different settings that can be customized for viewing and individual dates of tracking.  You also know for how long it was even though brief. Over all if you need a machine that you are able to access for downloading this is the one to get. I did a lot of research and read for the differences among passive devices and this one comes out to be the best for the job it does. I have ascertained the prices are all over the board at retailers and the internet and I hope this is helpful to someone.

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