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Cheap Child GPS Tracker Watch Best Buy

VTech 80-171600 Kidizoom Watch DX Toy

Child gps tracking device
Child gps tracking device

Child gps tracking device – The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatchis an even gps smartwatch for kids with more fun games and activities! Perfect for young photographers, this durable smartwatch has more remembrance so kids can take tons of portraits and videos. Kids will enjoy applying the brand-new motion sensor to explore three action challenges! The Smartwatch DX also includes eight games kids can play applying the touch screen as well as capacities necessary to download more from Learning Lodge. The watch helps teach kids how to tell period by letting them choose between more than fifty 3D digital and analog presentations. In addition to the alarm, timer and stopwatch, two brand-new tools include a docket feature and a calculator so your child can work out simple-minded addition, subtraction, propagation and divide difficulties. Using the included micro USB cable your child can also upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery. More than only a watch, it’s the Kidizoom child gps tracker watch. Features rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Aimed for ages 4 to 9 years.

  1. The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is an even smarter kids watch with more fun games and activities;  3 action challenges, interactive kids watches feature 3 fun activities,, a motion sensor and 5 games.
  2. Digital and analog kids smartwatch display comes with 50 plus clock appearance designs; splash proof for everyday play
  3. Kids watches are perfect for young photographers, this durable smartwatch has more remembrance so kids can take tons of portraits and videos; feature camera with video camera, photo effects, voice recorder with voice-changing effects and touch screen. Best for ages: 4 to 9 years
  4. In addition to the alarm, timer and stopwatch, the VTech watch has 2 brand-new tools including a docket feature and a calculator so your child can work out subtraction, simple-minded addition, propagation and divide problems
  5. More than only a watch, it’s the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX; features rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and includes micro USB cable to upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery.

My daughter did get a bit too haunted with waving her limb around is striving to fake go( to see the animation) and with taking photographs of everything ALL DAY LONG. It’s a smartwatch, but it’ also like strapping a gaming tablet to your kid. Is that what you crave? I can’t believe the fullest extent to which I failed to consider that when dedicating this to her. I don’t devote her an ipad at the dinner table or when she’s supposed to be playing with your friends. I recognize that adults are attached to their smartphones all day throughout the day, but I want to hold off on that with my preschooler for only a bit longer. So instead of having my daughter wear this all the time, it comes out from time to time.

Should be a 5 star review, but poor customer service has killed my opinion of a really cool product. It will be still more frustrating when a cool plaything shatters, and my youngest son has had lots of disappointment in this watch. We have two and one has always run perfectly. If you are fortunate to get a good one it is a really neat watch !!! My sons enjoy them! Regrettably the other has had problems with inconsistent unresponsiveness of the touchscreen at the very beginning. Nonetheless I was rejected by vtech during my original bellow because we could still get it to study after hard resets or letting it sit off all night or because the wind blew in the right direction. Now it won’t react at all but vtech replies it is now outside the warranty interval. I feel like this was a tactic. Refused to even offer a discount on a replacing. We should have been offered a replacing at expenditure since this has been an ongoing issue since it’s acquisition.

The watch is rather large on his wrist. In fact, it searches large-scale even on my adult wrist. The other issue is the functionality itself; it is a cool watch, but the apps only aren’t that compelling. He enjoyed scrolling through them once or twice, played got a couple of video games, but then get frustrated with the small screen sizing and bored with the limited applications. Some neat extra features, such as margins, video and whacky effects. I would not transmit him to school with the watch, because it “wouldve been” style too much of a distraction.

Smart Band: Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker Touch Screen Watch

best kid gps watch Heart Rate
best kid gps watch Heart Rate

RATED ACTIVITY TRACKER IS EQUIPPED WITH A HEART RATE MONITOR As appreciated on FOX, NBC & CBS! With a slick brand-new Touch Screen System, you can use this revolutionary brand-new device to track not only your heart rate, distance traveled, but steps taken, calories burned and active minutes. You get Instantaneous REMINDERS when CALLS or TEXTS are coming in and you can activate the Anti Lost feature to alerted when your Phone becomes too far. IMPROVE SLEEP PATTERNS AND HABITS WITHOUT DISTURBING YOUR PARTNER, Monitor how long and well “youre sleeping”, and wake merely you with a silent horrify. ZERO EXTRA BULK TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE and Slim, comfortable and easy to wear. You will scarcely feel like you have anything on your wrist at all.

ADVANCED BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to virtually any and every label/ modeling of Smart Phone. You get to take advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 inducing link and transferring data to your Telephone or mobile device a breeze every time. TAKE Advantage OF HELPFUL REMINDERS TO REACH YOUR GOALS QUICKER !! Set reminders to notify you when you have been sitting or motionless for too long. Take accuse of your torso today with our industry producing Smart Wristband! You will get Serious versatility that can even transform into a Remote Shooting Camera utilizing the Smart Band exercised control over the hits! Requires iOS 7, Android 4.4 and above. This Smart Band Does NOT Work With WINDOWS PHONES/ IPADS/ TABLETS.

Never stop moving with our Cutting Edge Wireless Smart Band. Revolutionary Newest Touch Screen allows you and best kid gps watch Heart Rate. This stylish device and slim you get the motivation you need to get away and become more active while you do it! It tracks stairs, distance, and calories burned and shows you how you’re stacking up against your daily goals. At night, it tracks your sleep cycles/second, is contributing to learn how to sleep better, and aftermaths you silently in the morning. Retrieve your stats anytime from virtually ANY smartphone- both iPhone and Android. Activate the Anti Lost feature and never lose your phone again. it will be with you everywhere you go and it seems good no matter what you’re wearing.

It is an updated intend and has a touching and swipe interface instead of a button. It cycles through time and date,miles trod, calories burned, heart rate … It has a sleep monitor role, a remote camera shoot role, a call alert, and wrist sense so it suns up when you heighten your wrist to look at the time. The companion app is super easy and full of information on your activity and “youre sleeping” cycles/seconds if you wear it to bunked. It also looks great on the wrist. Extremely recommended to buy it.

Ameter GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch Anti-lost SOS Navigation

GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch
GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

Long for 90 Hours work time. SIM for Watch: is applicable for GSM SIM Only including at& t, T-mobile, etc. Note: only support Micro SIM Card same as the iPhone 4S SIM card size. Long press the SOS button for 3 seconds, watch will automatically send current location to the SOS contact list and the watch will constantly dial the SOS number list for days until the phone get through successfully. Note: this can work only with SIM card in. assistance 32 household telephone number, tight call any own family members in a click. Social Part: children who wear the same watch could get social connected and add “friends” by shaking close watches.

Gps tracker for kid. GPS/ LBS/ WiFi/ Cell-ID precise tracking: doubled security for children. Achieve all day real-time location retrace, check the position at anytime anywhere. Mothers can track the location via IOS or Android APP.

Guard: parents can hear the environmental issues around the watch to ensure the safety of your child. App Control: easily controlled via free App’ Kidsafe+’ available both on AppStore

GPS  tracker for child Specifications:

  • Model: G1 GPS Smart Watch for Kids
  • Color: Pink
  • Weight: about 42 g
  • Chipset: MTK6 261
  • Dimension: 46* 37.6* 15.5 mm
  • GPS/ AGPS: u-BLOX 7020
  • G-sensor: BOSCH BMA2 50 E
  • Support: LBS and AGPS
  • Frequency: GSM/ GPRS 850+1900+ 900+1800 MHz
  • Operating Structure: NUCLEUS
  • Flash: 32 M bit
  • RAM: 32 M bit
  • Battery: Li-Po 400 mAh, standby day 140 hours
  • Antenna: built-in GSM& GPS antenna
  • Working day: 72-96 hours
  • GSM talking day:> two hours

MX-LOCare Mobile Personal GPS Tracking SmartWatch Tracker for Kids

Personal GPS Tracking SmartWatch Tracker for Kids
Personal GPS Tracking SmartWatch Tracker for Kids

Device shipped with an installed SIM card. Service schemes: $29 / month. $50 Activation fee. Gain peace of mind – perfect safety device for elderly, children, teens, lone workers, people with cognitive disorders or physical disability such as autism or  Alzheimer. Works worldwide- utilize of GPS, WiFi and cellular technology to provide accurate place without distance limitations.

Free smartphone app provide features such as one minute update live tracking, SOS history preview, food crumbing, geofences, instant notifications, remote watch power off, fitness tracking and many more.

Due to the nature of wireless communications, communication and reception of data can never be guaranteed. Data may be delayed, corrupted or is completely lost. Although significant lags or losses of data are rare when wireless devices are used in a normal style with a well-constructed network. We accept no responsibility for injuries of any kind suffer from lags or errors in data given or received use its products, or for los of its products to transmit or receive such data.

Child GPS Tracker Device Features :

  • GPS& WiFi tracking use dual mode tracking: place updates every minute or on-demand
  • Worldwide Coverage- runs anywhere GSM cellular reception exists
  • 2 Way Voice Calling- construct& receive calls with pre-programmed phone number
  • 5 days battery life between charge
  • Voice Messages- transmit voice message from smartphone app immediately to the watch
  • Panic Button to hold the SOS button to call a caregiver
  • create safety zone and receive alerts whenever the wearer enters or exits these areas
  • instant in-app notifications
  • Easy to wear- lockable strap with light beam watch removal alerts
  • Tracking History for 6 months history via the app
  • Free Android& iPhone Smartphone Apps
  • activity tracking countings steps and showings on watch

I received my first Watch as a thoughtful gift from a pal several weeks ago and merely bought a second one. Our mothers both suffer from mild dementia, but cherish their liberty and freedom. As their caregiver, I now have the peace of mind that they are safe and accessible at all times. Compared to other type devices, this is heads and shoulders above them all in terms of affluence of put up and use. The Watch also has a much more affordable monthly service scheme than the others. Highly recommend.

We merely received our Watch for our 11 time old son who has autism with elopement issues, Not simply does he love Watch itself he enjoys looking at the step counter and reporting to us how much exercising he did the working day. The cellphone aspect is a big plus that allows him to push one button to call me. We are still experimenting that aspect to see if it is right for him, but I was told by Adiant Customer service that it can be incapacitated if needed. Not simply was the app easy-going to setup and easier to application, the responsiveness of Watch with one minute real day tracking updates and 5 day battery life is amazing.

Tencent QQ Anti Lost GPS Smart Phone Tracker Wristband Kids Smartwatch For iphone

GPS Smart Phone Tracker Wristband Kids
GPS Smart Phone Tracker Wristband Kids
  1. QQ Watch substantiates GSM Nano SIM card. Strategy with talk, text and 2G data is required. We recommend T-mobile in the US.
  2. Phone call: Two style communication and Voice monitor, Watch and Phone Can Call each other.SOS Emergency Calling
  3. GPS+ LBS 😀 ual mode positioning intends doubled safety for kids.Achieve the working day real-time site retrace, check the position at anytime anywhere.
  4. Track your child’s precise site within 3 meters. Press the SOS button to text family members and call the watch admin in case of emergency. Set up a safety zone on the app. Households members receive notifications when young children stairs outside the safety zone.
  5. This Kids Smart Watch Phone is the best gift for young children, pink/ yellow/ blue three alternatives! favorable colouring for girls boys.comfortable seem with good quality food grade silicon wristband.


Bought this for our nine-year-old, primarily for the GPS and text parts, because he goes to and from sports and school on his motorcycle. It’s been great and durable. We had 2 Filips before this one but they didn’t last long. Be cautioned: the GPS is not very accurate or have live feed. We live a mile from his school and it will still demonstrate him in the schoolyard as he’s walking through the door. That is my merely significant complaint with this product.

The speaker and microphone are great for sees. I like that parents have to approve all of the phone numbers that are programmed. He can call his Grandpa and Grammy whenever. And awesome SECRET feature is the ” monitoring ” ability, where you can call in and listen to his surroundings without him knowing. I’m respectful of his bounds, but I ain’t naive!

It is a little strange though that you can’t upload your own profile pic or change the specific characteristics avatars properly though. So instead of the gorgeous Mom avatar that entirely indicates me (), I am a somewhat balding middle-aged boy. The camera on the watch isn’t impressive, its placement is blocked by his wrist. We can text him but he can only send voice recording back. Also it cant receive emoji in text messages, so you have to go old-school and kind< 3 for a heart!

I think it’s a good product for kids. I have a lot of feeling and for me to send my child to school with a bunch of strangers for 6 hours I needed her to have this watch. The charger should still be wiggled every now and again as it disconnects easily, but that doesn’t bother me. The light on the charger should still be orange, that intends it’s charging. If the daylight is dark-green then it’s not charging. So, as I tread past it through the working day I will check it to make sure the daylight is orange, if it’s not then I’ll fiddle with the cord to make sure it’s charging.

This gps kid tracker smart wristwatch isn’t highly detailed but I can see when two daughters arrives and leaves school which is enough for me and for the price that’s all I expected. I can actually refresh her site whenever I crave and get a more detailed site, down to the street she’s on which is neat. My daughter can call me anytime she must be free. I want to make sure she can get a include of me at any time if she gets lost or there’s an emergency. So, I just called two daughters up on her QQ watch and viola, mind at ease. New driver today so a kid missed his stop and we had to turn all the way around. Just a little something to give me some peace of mind and in my mind stop two daughters a little safer by having a means to call for help if needed. Definitely worth buy cheap child gps tracker to me.

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