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Best GPS Antenna For Car 2017

Rooftop GPS/PCS/Cellular/WiFi antenna GPS 2400

gps receivers for ipad
gps receivers for ipad

Free your roof of Best GPS antennas 2017. Ideal for low profile installs with high-pitched wireless performance. Rather than have up to four separate antennas on your roof, this allows the consolidation of all those antennas into 1 unit. This GPS antenna allows for optimal positioning on the roof which can increase wireless performance. Please note that is only an antenna, it does not contain any receiver or transmitter hardware. For instance, if you craved this to work with a GPS receiver you would need a GPS module that supports an external antenna. Cellular or PCS can be connected to a EVDO or G3 wireless card  or mobile phone. The Wifi portion of the antenna can be used with any WiFi wireless card that supports an external antenna. Additional adapters may be required to connect from wireless modules to the female antenna connectors. Manufacturer’s Description: Roof mount antenna for GPS, Multi band( AMPS, GSM 1800, GSM 900, UMTS) and Wireless LAN for vehicle navigation, fleet management, traffic counseling systems. Buy GPS Antenna

The description does not specify which specific framework this is, I received a 602-392 -002. Which purposes the antenna has 3 male FME connectors and 3 meters of cable from the antenna to the lead-in. Will report further as testing persists.

Waterproof GPS Active Antenna 28dB Gain

  • Waterproof Active GPS antenna with SMA male connector
  • Cable length: 3 meters
  • Magnetic base allows you to conveniently fixes it to to the roof of your car.
  • 28 dB of gain with its built in LNA
  • DC Voltage: 3V to 5V

    gps antenna cable
    gps antenna cable

Boost your GPS signal with this waterproof GPS  antenna with built in low noise amplifier . This GPS antenna renders 28 dB of gain with its built in LNA. magnetic base allows you to conveniently fixes it to to the roof of your vehicle and industry standard SMA connector will work with most GPS systems.


An external antenna will be enhanced the accuracy of your GPS, in particular in forest cover. With the antenna attached to my Garmin Montana 680 t I typically found 9 foot accuracy when using GPS, GLONASS and WAAS. I use a ground plane to optimize reception( a small sheet of copper foil a few inches square is held under the antenna head by the magnetic attachment ). I found that accuracy to not vary between open space and forest cover( trees in leaf at the time ). My only complaint is that this unit has a BNC connector that must be adapted to my Montana MCX antenna port; the Garmin antenna( I acquire later) is a direct hook up with no adaptation required; that is the only reason for only four aces.

Looks pretty solid, missing description of SMA connector type( MALE ). If you are buying the antenna to application with an Adafruit GPS module that has a u.FL connector make sure you get the correct pigtail. necessity this antenna to the autonomous buoy while it was being worked on in the garage. Dipping this in liquid plastic a few periods ensured that it would be waterproof. The magnet is strong enough that even with multiple strata of liquid plastic, it will still lock-on to any metal surface

I have a Pioneer in flair everything, nav prog, BU cameras, turn signal cameras etc  Cd player and plus sound . The GPS antenna which seldom lasted a year before it got full of ocean and died. Pioneer will not make any more nor do they have a replacement for their more $100 antenna. Yours runs perfectly and the only thing I had to do was change the conclusion of its co-ax. I only cut and spliced and bingo! Maybe not all that somewhat but but wire is disguised so who cares.

Generic USB GPS Receiver GPS Module Antenna for Car Laptop PC Navigation

gps antenna for car
gps antenna for car


  • Built-in High Gain LNA
  • Built-in High Performance GPS chipset
  • Extremely Fast TTFF At Low Signal Level
  • Support NMEA 0183 Data Protocol
  • Built-in Patch Antenna
  • Super-cohesive Sticker For Mounting On The Car
  • 5 Meter Cable Length Enough For Install Anywhere
  • USB Interface Connection Port
  • Ultra High Tracking Sensitivity
  • NMEA 0182 Data Protocol 48 s channeles
  • Built-in High Gain LNA

This a complete cheapest GPS Antenna engine module that features super sensitivity, Ultra low-pitched influence and tiny figure ingredient. The GPS signal is applied to the antenna input of module, and a complete serial data content with point, velocity and time information is presented at the serial interface with NMEA protocol or custom-built protocol. Its -165 dBm tracking sensitivity extends positioning coverage into place like urban valleys and dense foliage situation where the GPS was not possible before. The tiny figure ingredient and low-pitched power consumption establish the module easy-going to integrate into portable device like PNDs, ships, PC, Notebook and car vehicle navigation structures.

HitCar SMA Male Plug GPS Active Antenna Connector Cable for Dash DVD Head Unit Stereos

external gps antenna for android
external gps antenna for android


  • GPS Active Antenna SMA male connector
  • Length: 9feet
  • Help your GPS to get stronger signal
  • Center Frequency: 1575.42 MHz -3MHz/ 1575.42 MHz +3 MHz
  • Picks up your position rapidly
  • LNA Gain( Without cable ): 25 dB
  • Noise Figure:< 1.5 dB
  • this antenna has a magnetic base which can adhere to more metal surface
  • V.S.W.R:< 2.0
  • DC current: 10 mA Max
  • Mounting: Magnetic base
  • Housing: Black
  • Ready to plug in and use
  • Working Temp: -40 C ~+ 85 C
  • Humidity: Humidity 95%~ 100% RH
  • Weatherproof: 100% Weatherproof
  • Voltage: 3~ 5V

This is a great replacement antenna at an even better rate. I freaked out a bit when I pinched my old-fashioned one and my in-dash GPS no longer ran. I took my possibilities ordering this replacing before shelling out path too much fund for an OEM one. It threaded has plenty of cable length and right into place for wherever you may need to mount it. My manager unit find the GPS signal right away and makes pinpoint accurate locating. Don’t waste money ordering from the factory … This one gets the job done!

I had bought a new audio system for my truck that had gps navigation and my little brother aimed up interrupting the original gps plug so I ordered this, had it for a couple of months and it runs like a appeal!

I acquired this is something that replace the straight cable that was included in my Pumpkin Android radio. Picks up get signal even though I have it embedded in dash. The magnet is good and strong. My auto GPS antenna sustained decapitation. At a very reasonable rate, this antenna matched perfectly to make my GPS functional, again. Wonderful!

Motorola Original OEM Single-Band GPS Stubby Antenna

gps antenna types
gps antenna types

This 700/800 MHz single-band stubby antenna for APX portable radios integrates GPS and is short and unobtrusive when the radio is worn on the belt. Frequency range 764-870 MHz. Compatible with: APX 7000 XE, APX 1000, APX 4000, APX 7000


y husband and several of the guys on his department desired their new Motorola radios ( APX 6000 Li ), but hated the long antennas. The GPSantennas stuck up too high while the radios and would actually scratch against the side of their body, irritating them. So I ordered one of the following options shorter antennas for him, and 3 more for the other guys on government departments who likewise wanted one.

They all switched out the original antennas that reached with their radios with these and they’re working perfectly. No issues such as reception or incompatibility at all. Their radios work precisely the same as before, merely the antennas aren’t ridiculously long and causing aggravation when the radios are in their holsters on their duty belts.

This replaced a longer antenna that was issued to me when our organization upgraded portable radios. The issued antenna was absolutely impractical because it interfered with simple motions so badly. Likewise when the long antenna punch you in the ribs or get caught on another part of gear it made the radio going in the carrier. This in turn, pressed the buttons on the face of the radio which was distracting and annoying because you have to constantly check got to make sure the canal or specifies didn’t change. Not good when you are in the middle of a see. This short version remedies the above issues. Nonetheless, where I work there is definitely a drop in coverage. I haven’t experienced any dead spots but the lucidity perfectly sustains. At periods when I am inside a construct there is so much static that the communications are barely audible.

I have been a big fan of this device and My stubby cracked at the base after a few years of hard use ( I had to remove the stubby antenna at the end of each change- I beleave that contributed to the base cracking after many employs ). On our APX 7000 reception is about equal that of high standards antenna. Emphatically worth the rate. I’d stick to this OEM option ( and it’s greater expense) a few bucks is NOT worth risking comms failure with an aftermarket device.

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