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Best Price GPS Phone Watch For Kids 2017

MX-LOCare GPS Phone Watch For Kids And Elderly

gps phone watch tracker
gps phone watch tracker

Amazingdealuk.info – This GPS Phone Watch perfect safety device for elderly, teens, offsprings, lone workers and trade people with physical disability or cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s or autism. With 2-way voice calling, voice contents and listen- in mode to hear the surrounding. Free smartphone app Android offering features such as one minute update live tracking, SOS history preview, geofences, instantaneous notifications, bread crumbing, fitness tracking and remote watch power off and many more. Due to the nature of wireless communications and reception of data can never be guaranteed. cheapest gps phone watch for kid

Data may be delayed and corrupted or is completely lost. Although significant postpones or losses of data are rare when wireless devices are used in a normal manner with a well-constructed network. We accept no persons responsible for damages of any kind resulting from postpones or faults in data transmitted or received utilizing its products for failing of its products to transmit and receive such data.

  • works anywhere GSM cellular reception exists
  • make& receive bellows with pre-programmed telephone number( service plan includes 15 minutes every month)
  • send voice message from smartphone app directly to the watch
  • Hold the SOS button to call a caregiver
  • Create safety zone and receive notifies whenever the wearer enters or exits these areas
  • Instant in-app notifications
  • Lockable strap with light beam watch removal alerts
  • 6 months history via the app
  • Free Android and iPhone Smartphone Apps
  • Activity tracking counts paces and presentations on watch

GPS Phone Watch For Kids Reviews :

We simply received our Watch for our 11 time old-fashioned son who has autism with elopement issues, Not simply does he love Watch itself he enjoys looking at the pace counter and reporting to us how much practice he did that day. We are still experimenting that feature to see if it is right for him, but I was told by Adiant Customer service that it can be incapacitated if needed. Not simply was the app easy to setup and easier to apply, the responsiveness of Watch with one minute real time tracking updates and 5 day battery life is amazing.

Kids MindKoo GPS Tracker Watch With Bluetooth

This GPS Tracker Watch for kids In case of emergency, press SOS button and message of providing assistance will be sent to the guardian. GPS satellites and base stations dual monitoring positioning to achieve all day real hour location tracking. Open Bluetooth anti-lost function and it will send an alarm when out of range.  You can talk to each other, you are able to specified 12 your family numbers for real-time call.

gps phone watch for kid
gps phone watch for kid


  • Material: ABS+ Silicone
  • Screen: OLED
  • Battery: 350 mAh
  • GPRS: Class1 2
  • Connect: GSM( 2G) SIM Card
  • Wearing Mode: Wearable
  • GPS dB: -159 dBm
  • GSM Frequency: 850 MHz/ 900 MHz/ 1900 MHz
  • GSM/ GPS: MTK6 260/ UBLOX7 020
  • Size: 185* 33* 12.5 mm
  • Bluetooth: Support
  • Position Precision: 10 m 2DRM
  • Pedometer: Support
  • WIFI: Support
  • Speaker: Support
  • Microphone: Support


This Best GPS watch is a parent’s best friend. You child will adoration it because they will feel like a big child having a smartwatch to show off to their friends. I ordered the pink one for my niece but it is available in blue-blooded to. This will take the worry out of wondering where your child is because this is equipped with an instantaneous GPS locator. This is great when “you think youre” shopping and lose contact while shopping or if your child tends to wander or take their hour coming home from school. What I like too is sos button, this can be used if they are in difficulty or see something that they should notify their parent to.

All they have to do is hit the the button and whom ever you choose is instantly notified and can see where the child is or you can also speak to your select. In addition to the sos button there are buttons clearly marked for Mom and Dad so they do not must be borne in mind telephone number and press the button to automatically call. The telephone will maintain 13 number of your opting on the phone that they kids can get a include of. For them there is a clock, alarm aspect and a pedometer so they can feel grown up with their own smart telephone aspects. This is a great product that I am glad “they il be” building because it provides peace of mind for mothers.

TURNMEON Touch Screen Smart Watch Kids GPS Tracker with SIM

gps phone watch for kid
gps phone watch for kid

Double position technology based on GPS Tracker, achieving all day real-tim location tracking, , Local Base Station and more precise localization. GPS Tracking: Route record in three months any where any time. Much more sensitive microphone. Monitoring all the music around machine when emergency happened. Households can call watch terminal, and watch ternimal likewise can call families. Press SOS Key for 3 seconds to circularly call families amounts, which have been set in advance.

2017 New Fashion Cool Mixed Colors Design: 1.44 inch touch panel with colorful 240 x240 presentation, are comparable to common OLED screen and button, easily for operating. Unique flashlight built-in, Night lighting and bring your child a sense of security. A free compatible SIM card is already included with this watch package if ordering from 1st/ Feb. 2017, client no need to pay extra cost during probation date -100% assure. 7 days later you are able to pay for the project monthly keeping the watch project( There is a 5 $/ Month Plan, Saving your money compare others 15-20$ high cost project). We merely suggest to use the SIM Card inside the box we freely rendered, Please don’t acquisition other brand SIM card to avoid useless or limited use.

GPS tracker watch for child Specs:

  • Movement: Quartz: Battery
  • Brand brand-new and High Quality
  • Gender: Children
  • Display: 1.44 -inch large color screen
  • Type: Wrist Watch
  • Style: Fashion
  • Band Material: Silicone
  • Battery: 400 mAh
  • App System: Android, IOS
  • Color: Blue with black, Pink with black

ROYALFiT GPS Kids Tracking Watch With IOS & Android APP

Price gps phone watch for kids
Price gps phone watch for kids

Two acces communication: Can be used as a cellphone and bawl one another at any time ;P hone call: Houses can call watch terminal, and watch ternimal likewise can call families. Set an neighborhood in advance, if your girls go out of the neighborhood, it will scare which ensure your kids’security. You should buy a additional GSM network’s 2G SIM card with GPRS Function. Anti-loss with LBS Positioning track the site of the person wearing the smart watch.Precise Localization: Doubled rank engineering based on GPS+ Local Base Station, achieving all day real-tim location tracking, more specific localization.

gps tracker watch for kid

SOS a key for help: of emergencies, press SOS key, that is, the guardian issued a distress message.Sports tracking, take care of kid’s health: watch can register the number of steps that your child has taken, facilitate child develops good practice attires, complete the required sum of practice for health proliferation. We always furnish high quality products and assistance for all buyers. If you received the commodities, satisfy kindly double check the instruction to learn the hardware and software, then satisfy kindly try to use and ordeal it. If you have any question or congregate current problems, satisfy kindly send us email, we will answer your question and solve your problem within 24 hours.

GPS phone watch for kids features :

  • Two-way calling
  • GPS, LBS and Wifi tracking
  • Geo-fence
  • Long-distance monitoring
  • Remote registering
  • Pedometer
  • SOS distress
  • Bluetooth anti-lost
  • Historical track record
  • Find watch
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