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Small GPS Tracker For Keys For Sale

Best GPS Tracker For Keys Finder and Cell Phone Locator

keychain gps tracker
keychain gps tracker

Cheapest GPS tracker for keys 2017 – Vibez Smart Finder procures your valuables with our easy-to-use “VSF” app for iPhone and Android. Simply use the key resounding to fasten the smart finder to your keys or just fasten the smart finder to any item of select with the adhesive tape. You can reverberate your smart finder and use the indicator radar to find your items or you are able to resounding your phone if you lose your phone even on silent by tapping the smart tag.

Worried about leaving your material somewhere? Don’t sweat, our app can alert you when you start losing communication with your bluetooth key finder, “VSF” app accounts the last locating of the disconnection so you can line it in the built-in map. Just simply supersede the battery once it succumbs. Each smart finder comes with an extra battery and final up to 10 months.

GPS Tracker For Keys Reviews:

I received this yesterday and have played with it a bit now. So far I really like this gps tracking for keys. Teaches mentioned press button 3 seconds to trigger. I read press button 3x to trigger. This led me to change the battery unnecessarily as I assumed incorrectly that there was not one already in it. So my bad, on that one. Battery was easy to change and example is undamaged after I opened and shut it.

Seems to work well now that it’s activated. It Seems to me that the personality type that would lose their keys and wallet on a regular footings would be the same as the type that would not be bothered to calendar a return/ replacement date for a brand-new keyfinder. Its consideration of the sub-item takes very common, replaceable, lithium ion 3v cr2032 batteries. I got a 9 jam-pack for 4 bucks so good occupation there likewise vibez. I won’t bother touching on scope or part as the other reviews seem cover All of that pretty well. If for some reason I have a premature failing I will revisit its consideration of the but at this point we’ll done vibez.

Tile Mate GPS Tracker For Keys And Wallet

gps tracker for keys
gps tracker for keys

Tile Mate is designed with a convenient hole to loop onto keychains or drop in a suitcase, Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards and slides into your billfold or sticks to thin objects like laptops. free Tile app recollects the last hour and home it saw your Tile and so if you left it somewhere.

Use your smartphone to stimulate your Tile ring when it’s nearby but out of vision. Can’t find your phone? Simply doubled press the button on your Tile to stimulate your phone echoing -even on silent. If your Tile isn’t where you left it, the Tile community can anonymously help you and update the locating of your item if another phone participating in the Tile app is under the responsibility of scope of your missing item.

Use your smartphone to stimulate your Tile Slim or Mate ring when it’s nearby, but out of vision. If your Tile is within Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it. Can’t find your phone? Simply doubled press the button on your Tile to stimulate your phone ring–even on silent!

The Tile keychain gps tracker app automatically records the last hour and home it saw your item. So, if you left it somewhere, you know where to seem firstly. If your item goes missing, the Tile community going to be able to. When any consumer in Tile’s global network is under the responsibility of scope of your missing item, the Tile app will notify you of its recently completed locating. Over half a million items are seen with Tile.

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Tile works on Apple iOS and Android machines with Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE. Please be informed that Tile’s connectivity and app are affected by a known Bluetooth issue with machines utilizing Android 6. Connectivity issues are confirmed to be fixed in Android 6.0.1. for Nexus machines. Any machines that do not have Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE, will not work.

TrackR bravo GPS Key Tracker Finder

gps tracking for keys
gps tracking for keys

Promptly reverberating your TrackR bravo device with the touching of a button. TrackR bravo is small enough to attach to anything. Resounding your misplaced phone -even on silent. Simply ask your Amazon Alexa-enabled device to tell you. TrackR bravo use one CR1620 battery that’ s easy to replace. Check your battery level in the app. TrackR’s Crowd Locate network helps users find items outside Bluetooth range. If another user ambles by your item, your item will updated with its last known locating. Find and share items with anyone. Can’t find the television remote? Track and reverberating same GPS Finder from multiple phones and TrackR accounts.

TrackR builds it easy-going to find your missing items and no matter where you are. Quick tap of a button, your TrackR GPS device will begin to reverberating loudly, and the distance indicator will let you know when you’re getting close. Anytime one of 100 of TrackR users ambles by your missing item, you’ll receive an update with the locating of your missing item on a map.


I will say it is quieter than I was expecting and the hot and cold directional finder on the app is junk but it does work pretty well inside of 70 ft even thru walls. App said it was more than fifteen feet down while it was my hand but the beeper does work and the feature where it builds your phone go over is fantastic.

Lauco GPS Tracking Device For Keys With Bluetooth

landairsea gps tracking key pro
landairsea gps tracking key pro

Key tracker discovers your lost things whether they’re nearby or far gone. Smart anti-lost and telephone left behind alerting, phone and key finder out of specified distance, bi-directional consternation to avoid missing items. Have anti-lost and find it dual modes and silent region. It’s safe, children and pets can’t reach the battery, and it can’t be disabled if your item falls into the wrong hands.

This Mini Freakin Handy Bluetooth Smart Key Tracker has been a lifesaver, it can be useful in many different situations aside from only utilizing it to situate your keys. Great way to keep track of the most important thing in their own lives. Use your smartphone to induce your key finder resounding when it’s nearby, it will resounding loudly until you find it. Simply doubled press the button on your key tracker to induce your telephone resounding even on silent!

The connection distance between key finder and your telephone depends on the Bluetooth signal. Distance can be as far as 30-50 meters; when you use key indoors with walls and people around you, the distance will be around 10-30 meters.

Keychain GPS Tracker Reviews:

This GPS tracker for keys is Perfect and project great. I put one and my wallet and one in two daughters medical container. I get a notficaiton on my phone anytime nut is out of range from me. Might buy more for my keys, etc. I like that it takes a battery so you can easily and cheaply. The app allows you to customize each NUT and its notifications. You can also click the button on the NUT if your telephones misplaced and your telephone will sound alarm systems to help you find it. I did my research and looked into other brands on amazon before purchase and I’m happy with these.

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