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Best GPS Tracker Kids 2017

PocketFinder GPS Tracker Kids with iOS & Android for Locating

Best gps tracker kids 2017
Best gps tracker kids 2017

Amazingdealuk.info – Pocket Finder is an ideal solution for households with school children who may need constant or specialty supervision at any time of day. This pocket GPS tracker kids is lightweight and easily portable. It helps you keep track and accurately locate of children by relaying mapped coordinates to the Free Pocket Finder app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s easy. You can view updated situates as quickly as every 2 minutes. And with the option to add other customers, it is now easier than ever for all members of the family to keep track of your loved one. Simply set and it gives peace of mind.

  • See child’s location on a full online report or free smartphone app with interactive maps
  • Track arrival& departure within a zone/ geo-fence by receiving alerts straight to your phone
  • Alerts sent in near real-time if out of zone or low battery; assure up to 60 periods of locate history
  • Manage and way all functions from smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Instantly add log-ins for household, police, or rescuers with your smartphone
  • Breathe easier knowing where your child is
  • $13 Monthly Service Plan upon activation necessitated. No contract necessitated!

GPS Tracker Kids Reviews:

I Bought this GPS Tracker for Kids  so I could keep an eye on my husband who has dementia. Sometimes he goes for a go and doesn’t tell me he is leaving. Have been able to trace his movements. My daughters can track him too which builds them feel better. Though it is not perfect it runs quite well, gives me some peace of mind and I’m happy I purchased it.

SEEKONE Children Smartwatch Kids GPS Tracker Watches

Children cell phone gps locator for kids, Real day site system is more accurate than your imagine. Smart watch support DBS, LBS, AGPS, Wifi GPS Location four positioning system strength the accuracy of the positioning so that it is able to where your children any times. With locus you can track your children motion road with 30 days, check the position at anytime anywhere.SOS consternation for help, children could long press the SOS key for help when they are in danger. Voice micro chat, seamless communication 72 hours and find household whenever wherever. Can refuse stranger call and spam message.

gps tracker device for kids
gps tracker device for kids


  • Type: On Wrist
  • WIFI+ GPS/ GSM Tracker Children
  • Wifi for GPS location, but can not to connect wifi!
  • Application Age Group: Child
  • Function: SOS WIFI+ GPS, Fitness Tracker, Passometer, Message Reminder, Answer Call, Remote Control Band and Dial Call
  • item type: Anti lost GPS tracker smart watch
  • Language: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, French, and more.
  • Charging mode: USB interface
  • Support Sim card: GSM( 2G) SIM card
  • GPS Positioning Accuracy: 5-15 M
  • GPS Type: GPS Tracker Watch
  • GPS Channel: 20 Channel
  • LBS Positioning Accuracy: 100-1000 M
  • Spr: Minimum Speaker 1609
  • antennaquency: GSM 850/1800/ 1900 MHz
  • GPS Antenna: High sensitivity active ceramic
  • tery: Gel polymer 400 mA
  • screen sizing: 1.22 inches touch screen

KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone for Kids & Children

kids gps tracker watches
kids gps tracker watches

You will need to activate& pick a service programme powered by value wireless for your kidsconnect gps telephone after you receive your telephone. Please visit amazingdealuk.info for details. It is best route for parents to procure part of head while their children are away from home. Parents can also ascertain where their children have been with the place history feature. The sos feature when triggered will send a text message with gps/ lbs location to up to 4 cell phone numbers and then it will autodial the numbers on the sos listing until one is answered.

The sos feature can also be programmed to call a assist center where a live operator will answer the phone and assist the child at an additional cost. The geofencing feature permits parents to specify a predetermined region and receive an alerting if the phone enters or leaves the region. The voice monitoring feature permits parents to send a message to phone and within a minute phone will call back without triggering the screen allowing them the ability to monitor the child’s surrounds. The kidsconnect phone is equipped with 4 hasten dial numbers as well as a 20 number phone book. 3.8 Volt battery included. Gps/ lbs tracking service is not 100% accurate, it can be used to approximate your place only. Lbs tracking studies by situating the nearest cell phone tower to your device. See website for terms and conditions.If voicemail picks up the phone will reckon the call is answered and it will not call the remaining numbers on the sos listing.

GPS cellphone tracking device reviews:

I bought three of these phones for 3 kids( ages 8, 8, and 10 yearold ). They are too young for smart phones but at age where I’d like for them to have a phone not only for safety but likewise convenience- it’s nice to be able to have a line of communicating with them at a friend’s home or after school activity. I’ve procured a lot of positives in the couple periods that we’ve had the phones.

Tencent Best GPS Kids Tracker Smart Wristwatch

QQ Watch supports GSM Nano SIM card. Plan with talk, text also 2G data is required. We recommend T-mobile in the US. Two way communication and Voice monitor,Watch and Phone Can Call each other. GPS +LBS :Dual mode positioning means double safety for child. Families members receive notifications when your child steps outside the safety zone. Kids Smart Watch GPS is the best gift for your children ! favorable color for girls boys. comfortable feeling with good quality food grade silicon wristband.

gps kids tracker smart wristwatch
gps kids tracker smart wristwatch

Features :

  • Brand: Tencent
  • Color: Yellow, Blue, Pink
  • Model: PQ708
  • CPU: MTK6260D
  • 850/1900MHz
  • Screen: 1.22inch
  • Screen resolution : 240 × 240 Pixels
  • 2G GSM Network: EU version-900/1800MHz,
  • Waterproof: IP65 level
  • Communication: Two-way conversation (16+5 members) /Group chat/Friend  and Monitor
  • SIM holder: Pin
  • WIFI chip: MT5931
  • Tracking: Camera + WIFI + GPS + Gravity sensor
  • Pedometer: Freescale-9555L
  • GPS: U-BLOX-7020K7
  • Speaker: Speaker+FPC
  • Mic: FPC+Silicon mic
  • Motor: FPC+Motor
  • Charging method: Magnetic adsorption charging
  • Sensor: MPU6880 6 axis sensor
  • Battery life: 3-8 days

GPS tracker device for kids Reviews :

I think it’s a best GPS Tracker for kids. I have a lot of anxiety and to send my child to school with a bunch of strangers for 7 hours I needed her to have this watch. The charger needs to be wiggled every now and again as it disconnects easily. Light on the charger needs to be orange, that means it’s charging. If the light is green then it’s not charging. So, as I walk past it through day I will check it to make sure  light is orange, if it’s not then I’ll fiddle with the cord to make sure it’s charging and No big deal.

This watch GPS tracker kids isn’t extremely detailed, enough for me and for the price that’s all I expected. I can actually refresh her location whenever. My daughter can call me needs to and that’s why I love this GPS.  I just called my daughter up on her QQ watch and viola, mind at ease. Just a little something to give some peace and in my mind keep my children a little safer to call for help if needed. Definitely worth buying this watch to me.

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