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Best GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee For Vehicle

VYNCS 3G Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee For Vehicle

gps tracker for cars no monthly fee
gps tracker for cars no monthly fee

Amazingdealuk.info – Vyncs premium is an all-in-one solution that builds owning and driving a auto safer, smarter and a lot less expensive. It is powered by agnik’s patented award winning connected auto engineering that power many successful connected auto products in the market. Just plug the 3g vyncspremium device into the obd-ii port of your auto and create a vyncspremium account.

VYNCS gps tracker no monthly fee features include: with vyncspremium you can have fragment of brain if you have a teenage driver. You can create unlimited number of zones such as your dwelling, teenager’s schools and get notified by email or SMS when actually enter or exit those zones. In addition to web-based account, vyncspremium comes with a free mobile app for IOS and android. This provides the flexibility to monitor all the features from anywhere. Have fragment of mind for observe the trips use the 3g auto GPS tracker on google maps nationwide and ensure the breadcrumb trail for every trip.

Vyncs premium GPS will notify you for real-time speeding, harsh braking, acceleration, sharp turns, idling, cornering and if your vehicle moves without ignition on. You can define vehicle speeding, zones or another type of thresholds for driving notifications in your vyncs premium web account or from the mobile apps to get notified by email. Know if your vehicle has a health problem or why the check locomotive light is on or how good your car’s battery is. Our predictive analytics also can notify you for certain upcoming auto health problems. Vyncspremium is powered by agnik’s connected auto engineering developed during many years winning many awardings such as 2016 fleet logistics tech outlook top -10 fleet management solution provider for smartphone-based telematics product, cio critique 2015 20 most promising automotive engineering answer providers and 2010 frost& Sullivan north American enabling engineering of its first year accolade in commercial-grade vehicle telematics.

  1. Monitor vehicle activity( site, direction, velocity, vehicle health and more) with a 3g GPS tracker
  2. Monitor trips by 3g GPS tracking, determined zones around school house for teens and review routes on map
  3. No monthly costs or no cancellation costs and optional remote start limited device warranty is included
  4. Get unlimited area enter exit area notifications, roadside, driving score and towing included
  5. Mobile apps, ga economy, real-time battery voltage, emission score, trip score and obd diagnostics

Vyncs 3G Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

gps tracker no monthly fee
gps tracker no monthly fee

NO MONTHLY FEE and 3G OBD-II Car GPS Tracker Device. Full service connected car product with Car GPS tracking. Vehicle OBD diagnostics, upkeep, and fuel economy. Game changing vehicle GPS tracking product with No Monthly Fee. 3G wireless linkage in all 50 States in US and Canada. SIM card included together with 1 year data scheme. Same sum per year for regenerating after first year. Zone notification and other motorist alerts by SMS, trip-up record and driving score.

  • Car OBD tracker size: 65 x 44 x 24
  • Zone departure and arrival notifications
  • Assistance for stolen vehicle recovery
  • OBD diagnostics with Fault code, check engine light and battery health
  • Check if fail/ pass emission test
  • Optional Roadside Assistance in USA
  • Fuel economy and fuel level reporting
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders
  • Car OEM recall notifications and Driver scoring

GPS tracker for cars no monthly fee Reviews :

Quick and easy-going to install. Customer service was very quick and answered all my topics. I got one of these for each of my vehicles after my daughter’s car was stolen last-place month. This is well worth the investment and has a variety of roles including engine diagnostics. Highly recommended to buy gps tracker no monthly fee

Car GPS Tracker, Waterproof GPS Tracking System with No Monthly Fee

gps tracker for car no monthly fee
gps tracker for car no monthly fee

We aim to provide a vehicle GPS tracker with no monthly fee of Tracking service. You will have precise stance and enjoy free tracking service. MULTIPLE LOCATION- The situated correct of vehicle tracker is less than 10 meters by GPS/ GSM/ GPRS/ LBS/ stance. Positioning accuracy and speed upgrade 100% than other trackers. Situated correct of vehicle tracker is less than 10 meters by GPS/ GSM/ LBS/ GPRS stance. Positioning accuracy and speed upgrade 100% than other trackers.  Thesturdy case of vehicle gps traker is make use of advanced ABS material, and we add sealed waterproof rubber reverberating it it, so its waterproof and shockproof features will adapt to harsh environs. There are four powerful magnets in vehicle GPS wireless tracker, which can be directly adsorbed on the any metal home of your vehicle, no need to install. And its mini appearing can be put in any home covertly.

This GPS tracker for vehicle has a 4000 mAh battery, and if it charged 10 times, it can be stand by 10 days. Under power saving mode, locator will stance when moving and are in conformity with standby when be static. Battery power can be used for 50 days. Under safe mode, locator will automatically launch a positioning knowledge every 15 seconds, and battery power can be used for 25 days. Under the long standby mode, device will sleep and get in satency will not upload datum. You only need to send content and activat it when you want to know stance knowledge. Our vehicle GPS tracker can remember driving locus for 60 days, which is easy and easier for you to check. You are allowed to set a geofence. When your device leave resound, it will send a alert content to you.

Leo OBD Small GPS Tracking Device for Vehicle

personal gps tracker no monthly fee
personal gps tracker no monthly fee

The Leo OBD II by KingTracking is a vehicle tracking machine that features real day tracking. The machine plugs into the OBD ii port of any vehicle and installs within seconds. The OBD vehicle tracking machine runs off the car itself and the OBD port is in all automobiles invented after 1996. King Tracking also has an additional Y Cable which can be used to hide the tracker as well as the cables.

  • GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking
  • $29.95 Monthly Fee
  • GPS Tracking Device
  • 2 Minute Updates and No Contract

GPS Tracking Device for Vehicle Reviews:

I had my reservations about this product. After all, how accurate could this ODB tracker be, it is literally about the size of a credit card and at less than an ounce “its almost” weightless. I necessity a vehicle tracker to be small enough to avoid detecting and reliable enough to help the authorities find my baby. I am trusting this to sentry a very expensive Mercedes after all! No fears were necessary, I was very impressed! It took me less than 4 minutes to install, there was no whodunit at all to it. Then, half expected a huge hearing curve on the GPS tracker software. Turns out it was all plug and play, the excellent customer service trod me through a setup and use that my 8 year age-old could have done extremely intuitive interface, all real-time tracking and very user-friendly. I recommend this vendor and I am very happy with my gps tracker no monthly fee.

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