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Best GPS Tracking Device For Car

GPS tracker device for cars – People invest a lot of time in their vehicles, and whether it is a truck, sedan or luxury vehicle, automobiles are an indispensable course of getting around. For something this much an integrated part of modern life, it is important to monitor automobiles to make sure they are safe. Luckily, anyone can go out and buy a vehicle GPS tracking unit.

There are many reasons to get such a machine. For business owners, “its about” stopping tabs on employees or tracking a fleet of vehicles. For households, it is to make sure that elderly parents or their first-time teen motorists are safe. Tracking machines are likewise used to recover stolen vehicles. There is a wide range of car tracking machines available, suitable to a variety of needs and budgets. When acquiring such a machine, customers should do the necessary research to ensure they purchase one that is appropriate for their needs.

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Small tracking devices – While we don’t condone spying of different kinds, as long as you’re using these modules on your own auto for the purposes of safety, the “spy” angle is truly merely a call. This mini module doesn’t require being plugged into the OBDII serial port in your auto, so if you must conceal it( from your teen, for example ), you can. The battery will last-place for up to two week and offers up-to-the time tracking. The accelerometer inside detects motion and will simply power the device on when moving. You can setup geo-fenced the regions and receive notifies when your vehicle exits or enters  that area. Up to 1 year worth of data is backed up to a gloom service.

Small tracking devices
Small tracking devices
  • Battery powered two week life
  • Tracking platform works on any device
  • Accuracy limited to the accuracy of GPS generally
  • Real-time tracking and accelerometer-based motion detection
  • One year of data stored in the cloud
  • No dedicated mobile app
  • Somewhat expensive monthly subscription
  • Data updates are a little glitchy

GPS tracking devices for cars reviews:


  1. The website used for all tracking and reporting IS NOT HTTPS( secured using TLS/ SSL ); your logon and password are send unencrypted for the tracking portal. I is hoped that at least the logon part of the session to use HTTPS.
  2. GPS seems to be off by up to about 30-40 feet on our unit; may lead to improper street address resolving. We’ve met this to be the case if the unit is indoors and outdoors, but especially if it’s inside a house somehow.
  3.  Your entire browsing conference for the SpyTec Portal IS NOT HTTPS; anyone able to smells your network traffic knows exactly what you are browsing while on the Portal
  4.  Website portal seems to be geared to tracking, as if this product is only to be used for tracking vehicle. Not a best seller, but it is small enough to be able to be used for just about any useful GPS purpose. Not exactly a con, but it does build using the web portal somewhat strange.


  1. The SpyTec web portal is well thought out in general
  2. The web portal can be accessed from any modern browser , not limiting you to a particular iOS or android application, for example
  3. The service does allow you to define areas to be notified when the GPS leaves/ returns to certain area
  4. It appears to be much more effective than bracelet GPS machines sold for children, especially in that it works to some extent inside buildings
  5. Mapping/ Reporting is based on Google Maps, and that’s pretty nice

Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

small tracking devices for cars
small tracking devices for cars

Utilizing a very similar GL300 GPS tracker from the option above, Optimus GPS have created a dedicated app for managing the data the tracker generates. Unlike the one above, this one claims to be able to send alerts for speeding, in addition to geo-fencing, battery status, and terror. There’s a version of the apk for both Android and Iphone. While you’re subscribed, your saved data record is limitless so you can compare the progress and rectify issues over day. They make a magnetic waterproof case for it, which is highly recommended to buy GPS cellphone tracking device.

The notifies don’t seem to work all that well. We have two email addresses and two telephone number signed up to get email/ SMS notifies and where reference is tested it , none of our phones were notified and only one of us got an email. If that were determined. The monthly cost seems high for what it does. I just think that for a tracker, a most appropriate cost would be somewhere in the $5-10 per month range. Although the monthly cost for this one is cheaper than some of the others I’ve seen, so it’s not a bargain breaker.

I like the tracking page. I can see the battery fee level, the GPS signal and if the tracker is on or off. Setup was easy, you will need a pay-pall report but who does not have one now a day. I could see the tracker place once I logged in. It’s a great solution to monitor something precious or make orientation to someone that get lost frequently.

This little division survived several major hurricanes. It went through the hills of Western North Carolina without current problems of losing the GPS. It always retained great signal and tracked flawlessly, everywhere. It was astounding. I tracked it through the hills of North Carolina and even into Tennessee flawlessly. It ran all day and all night, diligently keeping track. Handled 400 miles over 5 days with not one flaw. Satellite view of map, zoom in, ensure where they stop, ensure where “theyre starting”. Set personalized notifies. Set notifies for speeding, or stopping more than defined sum of day. Or crossing into whatever regions of the map that are off limits.

MOTOsafety OBD Teen Driving Coach Vehicle Monitoring System

best hidden gps tracker for car
best hidden gps tracker for car

MOTOsafety GPS tracker car is a serial port tracker that gives you finite details over what’s happening to your vehicle and when. There are report cards and a coaching program to help teach brand-new motorists and determine bad habits. It offers geo-fencing, but also allows you to set up curfew hours that will alert you. When you examine the route taken, you’ll determine places where unsafe driving resulted, so you can examine with your teen. Otherwise, it’s just a best hidden gps tracker for car with enhanced vehicle information materials and is one of the cheaper an opportunity for that purpose.

MOTOsafety is a simple easy to use GPS Tracking System, and activating your machine is just as easy. Once you get your MOTOsafety device, check out our quick start guide in the box that they are able to lead you through the step by step process to get your GPS device up and running. The number 1 age group for risky driving behaviour and vehicle accidents is adolescents. Arriving in at a close second: Seniors. We designed MOTOsafety with them in head as well.

Do you have an aging mother or loved one who you’ve started to worry about behind the wheel? MOTOsafety is a simple to use GPS tracking system that lets you observe the site, driving habits and well-being of an ageing or elderly mother or family member.

The Linxup web-based fleet handling software retains you on top of your fleet in real day. Easy to use maps, insightful reports and tools like notifies and maintenance help you reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency.

GPS Mileage Tracker – Automatic Electronic Mileage Log With WiFi

Personal GPS Tracking Device
Personal GPS Tracking Device

Accurate Audit Compliant Mileage Logs are generated automatically to give you total peace of mind. Just install it, and keep forgetting it. WiFi Uploading from the car means utterly no interaction is required. Optional manual Business Button to set trip-ups to Business on-the-fly. 100% Online Tamper-Proof mileage logs the IRS trusts, all backed up for years to protect your allowance from an inspection. Includes GPS tracking routes for every trip. 30 -Days of free mileage tracker service, merely $0.49/ day after with 1-year contract. Are comparable to $24.99/ month or more with real-time trackers. Stimulated in the USA with 100% US-based customer support. Support US manufacturing and good paying tasks for American families!

Personal GPS Tracking Device Reviews:

I used to think all GPS trackers were the same, they all only create a log and there’s no real difference between them. But after revolving through about every mileage tracker out there- both apps and devices- I ultimately came across The Mileage Ace. I’ve recommended this now to pretty much everyone I encounter, and everyone who gets one of these is in love with it because this Mileage Ace really is different than other mileage trackers.

With more cheap devices or apps you recognize they are missing a bunch of stuff you need- which creates more work for you later, which ultimately expenses you fund in labor. The makers of The Mileage Ace have thought of everything, and it all operates really really well- and you spend an absolute minimal time dealing with your mileage log.

Zubie ZK30012M GPS tracker for 3 vehicles

GPS tracker for 3 vehicles
GPS tracker for 3 vehicles

Coach your teen drivers and be alerted of bad habits like accelerating and hard braking. Monitor your elderly mothers with geo-fence alerts in case they get lost. Estimate real-market mend expenses before going to the mechanic. view your loved one’s place 24/7. Be notified when household reaches and moves from common homes like school or work. increase your fuel economy by creating safe driving habits, and situate the cheapest gas near you with the ga finder. Use Zubie perks to save money on insurance, upkeep, and more. Zubie key is easy to install and easy to use. Simply plug the device into the  take a drive and diagnostics port. Download the free Zubie aplication for your smartphone or tablet. Access the web position from any desk top or lap top computer.

Zubie Connected Car Service is ideal to coach’ at risk’ drivers, avoid unsafe driving action, stay on top of scheduled upkeep, reduce wear and tear and save money on auto ownership.

  • Real Time GPS tracking
  • Top speed alerts
  • Trips History
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Engine/ Battery diagnostics
  • Driver Scoring

Locate drivers anytime, anywhere and realize where they are going on your phone or computer. Zubie includes a pre-paid data design with wireless communication in the price. Set custom notifies to know when your auto is coming or going from common places. gps tracker for car no monthly fee

Zubie will compare auto velocity with posted limits and alert you. rapid acceleration and other unsafe driving habits so you’re always in the passenger seat. Driving scores and monthly reports will help brand-new drivers analyze and correct bad habits so they become safer drivers.

Get notified of check engine lights, low batteries and low ga before it’s too late. Zubie Key pulls the Check Engine Codes for translates from your car internal computer into easy to understand speech. Set up upkeep alerts for oil change, tire rotations etc.

Best Car Tracking Devices

Vehicle tracking devices are relatively simple, yet powerful devices. Most of them use a GPS or Global Positioning System transmitter, as well as cellular technology, plus a network of planets orbiting around the world. The tracking machine receives information from the planets and then uses this information to determine its current post through trilateration. Three different planets send their current site and time information to the GPS unit. The tracking machine then has to determine the distance between itself and the planets. Employing the information collected, the machine then performs simple calculations to be determined its exact site on the earth. The machine can also send information to a monitoring middle employing the cellular networks.

Of course, GPS tracking devices do have some downsides. The machine needs a clear vistum of the sky to get information from the planets. Additionally, since cellular networks have limiteds, the machine may encounter some dead spots, which stimulate them unable to send out signals to the monitoring middle.

There are many reasons to use auto tracking devices, whether it is to protect expensive autoes or keep an eye on a teenager. Buyers should consider their needs and the reason they want to use this specific machine before making any decision. When doing experiment, they should also find best available modelings out there and think of buying such an item as an investment. Compared to losing a auto or worse, a family member, this machine is well worth it. Buyers should only get the best and consider the top tracking devices on the market.

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