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Land Air Sea GPS Tracking Key Pro Best Price

Land Air Sea GPS Tracking Key Pro Reviews

Land Air Sea GPS Tracking Key Pro
Land Air Sea GPS Tracking Key Pro

The GPS Tracking Key Pro from LandAirSea’s newest GPS tracking device for vehicle, a compact and portable passive GPS tracking division that is only slightly larger than the two( 2) AA batteries that devote it power. Monitors a vehicle travellings and no monthly costs. It can operate up to 80 hours. Accounts the following every second within 2.5 meters’ accuracy: Velocity, Address of stops, Duration of stops, Arrival addresses, Time in road, Direction of vehicle. There are three data viewing options: a daily text log; road display over animated digital street map or route display on image with Google Earth app. Unit comes equipped with a motion detector; it will go into a sleep mode after two minutes of non-movement.

Landairsea gps tracking key pro reviews:

This is the second one of these I’ve bought, this one being the newer modeling. It has an on/ off switch, something the older modeling lacked, the batteries are easy to change and it’s sensitive enough to set nearly anywhere there is not really heavy shielding. It’s easy to adjust settings (applying personal computers connect) and can be downloaded depicting either a provided street map or Google Earth. My only grievance is that the manufacturer/ distributor should use  provide access or a newer version street map to a compatible update. My use for this is to trail my own roads and include a provision providing that information to family members should it become necessary. If you have teenaged motorists this is a wonderful tattle narrative because it passes all the driving information you could crave- road, accelerate, stops, duration and locating of stops, maximum speed and where it arose and so on. And it’s instantly moveable from one vehicle to another.

Took it on a long journey and it followed everything almost perfectly. Mounted it under passenger seat and it recorded no problem, but I did find that there were some gaps while on the interstate not sure unless they are the faulting of maps or tracking key but it wasn’t significant enough. After 4500 miles and about a few months of being turned on it’s still on original batteries.

Track King Passive GPS Tracker Position Recorder

landairsea gps tracking key pro
landairsea gps tracking key pro

The GPS Tracking Key Pro is newest LandAirSea GPS vehicle tracking machine, a compact and portable passive GPS tracking division that is only slightly larger than the two( 2) AA batteries that devote it power. It can operate up to 80 hours on a battery cycles/second, is dependent on daily drive hour and battery character. It can also be connected to the vehicle’s main power supply. Monitors a vehicle trips, with no monthly costs. Accounts every second and within 2.5m accuracy.

  • No Monthly Fees, accelerate, Records route, guidance and stops every second
  • Runs on merely two, AA batteries alkaline
  • Up to 100 hours of flash memory; Water-resistant
  • Motion-activated andenters sleep mode after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • Included software allows 4 options for data viewing

Land air sea gps tracker reviews:

Does a halfway decent undertaking of tracking, even if it is embarrassing when the information shows the’ ant’ vehicle jerking and spinning for whatever reason. Vehicle is often several miles down road before it starts tracking. Has a nice, strong magnet for comprising. Appears like three declines of black adhesive is the only thing stopped it fastened. Cannot remove magnet by hand as it is that small-time and strong. Upon opening the battery door to supplant batteries the second largest hour, the hinge for the door violate. At this phase, I have fashioned a machine with duct tape keep it securely in place in private vehicles and now “re going to have to” tape the battery doorway onto the machine to hold batteries in place.

LandAirSea Magnetic Wireless Pocket-Sized GPS Tracking Key Pro System

tracking key pro gps logger
tracking key pro gps logger

The GPS Tracking Key Pro has been designed with accuracy, simplicity and durability. Offering portability and covert placement where required, the GPS Tracking Key Pro is ideal for various application requirements such as fleet handling, law enforcement and personal vehicle tracking. GPS Tracking Key Pro likewise arrives equipped with a motion detector, which automatically places device into sleep mode after 3 minutes of movement to conserve battery life. It can also receive continuous, uninterrupted power by connecting  the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or hardwired directly to vehicle’s power supply. GPS Tracking Key Pro is given an opportunity of a secondary power source. The included cable enables you to connect the GPS Tracker Key Pro directly to the vehicle’s 12 V cigarette lighter.

  • GPS accuracy of 2.5 meters
  • Records GPS data every second
  • GPS data includes hasten, place, road traveled and duration of stops
  • Powerful magnet mount
  • Simple and detailed activity text reports
  • Interior or external vehicle mounting
  • Pocket-sized design
  • Uses two AA batteries and has a convenient ON/ OFF button
  • No monthly fees
  • Works internationally
  • Hardwire option available
  • plugs directly into your computer’s USB port
  • Generate easy-going to read printable text reports
  • Easy-access and water-resistant battery compartment
  • Optional 12 V accessory cable available for purposes of continuous and uninterrupted power

Land air sea gps tracking key pro reviews – pocket sized layout allows for portability and covert placement. GPS tracking accuracy of 2.5 of the device. Powerful magnet mount allows for installing inside, outside or underneath private vehicles. Logs the driving hasten every second and demonstrating the maximum speed driven. All data is compatible with the popular Google Earth application.

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