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Cheap Universal Motorcycle GPS Mount Reviews

Motorcycle GPS Mount and Bicycle Handle Bar GPS Mount Water Resistant

Motorcycle gps mounting brackets
Motorcycle gps mounting brackets

Motorcycle gps mounting brackets – Easy to install mount attaches to any bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, ATV or more vehicle with handlebars up to 1 inch. Works with Garmin, TomTom, Magellan and More GPS Navigation. Versatile 2-in-1 intend allows you to quickly dismount the weatherproof suit for portable storage and outdoor employ. 360 degree rotating head allows viewing at the perfect slant/ Integrated headphone port affords wired audio access. Transparent window furnishes easy viewing and touch-screen access. Adjustable foam inserts allow you to custom fit machines from 4 to 6 inches.

Weatherproof Motorcycle or Bicycle Handlebar GPS mount. Road Ready In Rain Or Shine. Weatherproof design has a specially developed zipper enclosure allows researchers to seal the out the elements. The versatile 2-in-1 intend allows you to dismount the suit with one easy motion from the handlebar. Take it with you when your vehicle is parked for safe stopping. It is also great for traveling or a period at the beach! Customize The Perfect Fit and Protection- The included foam inserts allow you to fit and cushion your different size machines. The durable molded EVA body continues its shape and safeguards from bumps and plummets. 360 Degree Viewing and Touch Access- The non-slip mount revolves 360 degrees for the perfect viewing slant while riding. Transparent viewing window gives you touch access to all of your applications and functions without reopen the suit!

This weatherproof gps mount jobs great on my husband’s motorcycle. He was able to install a cord for power and this case. you can ride in rain or shine and not are concerned about injury his gps device. Awesom product. By the way, he journeys an older simulations American Motorcycle so it does not ride as smooth as the newer motorcycles and this product manages the tremor just fine.

This product is as it is described.It’s a good case and works well.Beware that some GPS machines have a rear charging plug and the foam backing is required to be slashed to accommodate the plug. I assembled everything, pressed it together, took the foam out and cut around the indentations left. Also keep the gps as horizontal as is practicable so ocean can’t get inside the bottom of the GPS case.I utilized silica jam-packs from shoe boxes aimed at preventing fogging.

Waterproof Metal U-Bolt Motorcycle Mount for Garmin Nuvi

motorcycle gps mounts garmin nuvi
motorcycle gps mounts garmin nuvi

Motorcycle gps mounts garmin nuvi – This RAM heavy role handlebar mount with cradle has a U-Bolt Rail Base which will fit on any handlebar up to 11/4 in diameter. Perfect for Motorcycles, ATV’s, Bicycles, or Boats. Mount will swivel so GPS can be on an upward position regardless of mounting position. Lets space for electrical connection.

  • Made In The USA
  • Color Black
  • Sleek and rugged construction for heavy role operation
  • Material powder coated marine grade aluminum& high strength composite
  • Lifetime Warranty

You cannot go wrong with RAM products. It will fit perfect every time and seem like a custom install. Thank you for quick delivery and always excellent workmanship. I have a 5″ wide GPS on my motorcycle and it looks like a custom install.If you have a motorcycle and need to mount a GPS or your phone or a beaker holder, this is the system to go with. This system is easy to install, it is solid and a better quality is worth the price.

I worried about the mount being bent due to my bike’s engine vibration but wonderfully stable and such adjustments knob makes your GPS most visible at any direction. Fit perfect and works great comprises gps very well, would purchase again and recommend it highly to any bike owner

Aduro U-GRIP PLUS Universal Bike, Motorcycle, Handlebar, Roll Bar Mount

Bicycle Mount for Smartphones
Bicycle Mount for Smartphones
  • Universal Motorcycle and Bicycle Mount for Smartphones. Quickly and easily mount and unmount your phone or device.
  • Holds up to 5.5′ screen sized phones.
  • Fits Motorcycle and bicycle handlebars 1.5″ diameter and smaller
  • Fully adjustable with 360 deg rotation and tilt
  • Included silicone band maintains your device securely in place for added security.


This is a great phone holder! A lot of its consideration of the report on here are bicyclists, and I was a little concerned wasn’t going to be durable  enough for high speeds or even fit my motorcycle saloons on my Yamaha FZ-09. Fits perfectly and even comes with extra rubber strips to create a more snug fit. Securely maintains my iPhone 5s, with case on, and treats all the bumps and jolts that come with riding. The Rubber band that stretching over the phone are super durable elastic.

Mounted it on my 2003 Ducati Monster 800 for navigation etc. The mount is attained extremely well, durable yet flexible in the curve where it wrappings, producer attained it two pieces divided at the stress point to allow flexible around the bars. I didn’t have the rubber spacing inserts in correct. Took me two tries to get the inserts correct but once they were seated the mount fits extremely extremely securely. The rubber inserts absorb street interference preventing vibrations on your device. Highly recommend this for motorcycles not only motorcycles. Oh and doesn’t hurt that the ruby-red matches my bike.


This morning I was riding my bicycle into work and the main part that hold the phone completely broke off and my iPhone winged into the street. Luckily, it was early in the morning and I was able to retrieve my phone before a car operated it over. It seems that the plastic is very inexpensive and I have been commuting daily merely a few weeks since I purchased this item.

I supposed I would desire this. It installs easy, is easy to remove the phone, maintains the phone securely( iPhone 5 and 6 ). BUT, after having it for 2 months it broke and my phone proceeded winging onto the concrete. I mounted it on a street bicycle and used it 2-3 times per week and not a extremely bumpy street at all. The plastic is plainly not strong enough. I bought another one because I liked it so much, but have now told them to not use it.

Easy Rider V5 Handlebar Mount Waterproof Case for Garmin Tomtom  Magellan GPS

Motorcycle gps mount tomtom
Motorcycle gps mount tomtom
  • Handlebar Mount waterproof case for Tomtom, Magellan, Garmin GPS with 3 to 5″ screen and touch screen smartphones.
  • The designated space is available for installing of the GPS and Smartphones external backup battery to make sure that you are able to accuse your GPS and smartphones in live.
  • Compatible with the mounts manufactured by RAM( r) Mounts and 99% of motorcycle handlebars.
  • With the sunshine cap to induce your Smartphone in sun proof and the Velcro sticker is optional for tank bag.
  • Rapid and easy installation that guarantees solid fastening, anti-vibration that is 100% waterproof.

If your handlebar resembles one of them, it means it’s compatible! RAM( r) Mounts product compatibility So Easy Rider( r) V5 mount for motorcycle/ motorcycle GPS and Smartphone is compatible with the mounts manufactured by RAM( r) Mounts. External Backup GPS and smartphones Battery can be bought separately. A designated space is available for installing of the GPS and Smartphones battery So Easy Power( r ). The battery allowed by GPS and Smartphones to be up to 4X more self-reliant. GPS and Smartphones hands free kit can be bought separately.

Motorcycle gps mount reviews :

the SoEasy Rider V5 mount has a lot of nice features such as the hood to shadow the screen from the sunshine( better viewing) and what seems to be a very weather proof occurrence. Nonetheless, the strap system failed to keep the viewing slant so most of the time I couldn’t even realise the Garmin in the case. I had high hopes for the purposes of our device and I seem let down. Instead of returning it I gave it to a pal of mine at work.

great product, with terrific customer services. answered all my topics promptly and shipped little bonus items as well. for the product itself i love it , not wanting to upgrade to a 600$ unit for my motorcycle i had a really good gps i used in my autoes. with this case i can us it on the motorcycle too. added the ram mount which is very stable and have only is dealing with daylight to moderate rain it has worked as needed.

Floureon Universal Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder USB Charger for iPhone

inexpensive GPS mount for motorcycle
inexpensive GPS mount for motorcycle

I wanted a inexpensive GPS mount for motorcycle. I was going to fabricate a mounting bracket so the limitations of mounting that comes with the mount wasn’t an issue but please note it is very limited.

This mount states that it will hold 3-6 inches GPS. It will hold my iPhone 5s in an otterbox armour example which is bulky to say the least and it holds it securely. I have ridden 1000 miles with the phone hanging out in this without issue.

USB port is Very handy and I don’t need wires stretched from here, continues a cleaner seem. I wired the USB port to an ignition power source so no worries about any battery drainage during garage stays.

  1. Floureon motorcycle electric bicycle cell phone mount holder with1 year warranty and Very friendly customer service.
  2. USB Charger: Equip with 5V 2A USB charging port, quick accelerate and high efficiency charge , no worries about battery short for cellphone or GPS device when on a road trip.
  3. TWO rolling balls and 360 degree free rotation, make your own comfortable angle. Auto power off when the accuse voltage surpass 30 V.
  4. Hold Firmly: Four frosted rubber feet will firmly hold your telephone even in high speed. Fit for 12-30 V motorcycle, scooter, electric bicycle, ATV, car.
  5. Application: Motorcycle X-Grip Clamp is compatible for iPhone, Samsung, Google Nexus, Cubot, Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei, GPS device and other brand phones with 3-6 inches screen.

Best motorcycle gps mount reviews:

Just bought a 5″ screen Tom Tom and it will not fit. I can force it and it technically holds but with vibrations for motorcycle and road conditions it WILL fall out. Stick with an older style 4.3″ screen if you don’t already have the GPS you wish to use on your motorcycle. If you already have a 5 inches or larger then buy big GPS mount or buy small GPS.

If you’re looking at this mount then “youre supposed to” know what a GPS mount low cost and looking for something more reasonable. it is a great alternative but in my opinion only if you can fabricate your own mounting. You can buy this mount, fab a mounting AND buy a 4.3 GPS cheaper than the more expensive mounts.

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