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Best Price GPS Vehicle Tracker Car

VTPlug 3G  GPS Vehicle Tracker Car | GPS Vehicle Tracker Car for sale

GPS Vehicle Tracker Car for sale
GPS Vehicle Tracker Car for sale

AccuTracking is currently in GPS tracking business for over 10 years and we stand firmly behind our product and busines. TK373 is our firstly 3G OBD GPS tracker, targeting poor coverage regions such as Midwestern states and rural areas. OBD tracker. 3G UMTS/ HSPA 850/1900 MHz, and 2G GSM/ EDGEGPRS /, 850/900/ 1800/1900 MHz. Wandering SIM card included for best coverage in US 50 districts. When applying OBD extension cable, make sure the tracker can still “see” the sky, or it may fail to acquire points or get inaccurate locations. Buy GPS Vehicle Tracker Car 

Easy to install: plug into the vehicle OBD-II port and start! No wiring necessity. Easy-going switching between vehicles. Compatible with the majority automobiles but NOT compatible with Mitsubishi. Lightweight( exclusively 1.9 oz ). Lifetime warranty. Good reception with built-in GSM and GPS antenna. No hassle of moving widened antennae! Real time online 24 x7 Vehicle GPS tracking. Vehicle diagnostic data included. 30 eras history available. Geofence, speed, ignition/ ACC, coarse braking/  turning/ acceleration/, check locomotive brightnes ON alert via text or email. Detailed tracking reports( stops, speeding, inactivity, geofence,fencing span, government mileage IFTA)

Vehicle GPS tracking Features :

  • – No contract. No obscured costs. No auto billing. Pay as you go
  • – 4 bundles to choose from. $12.99 /$ 15.99 /$ 20.99 per month And more dismis for quarterly/ yearly payment!
  • – Sub-account
  • – Easy better access to multiple reports with master account
  • – Live map embedded on your own website
  • – 7 days free trial
  • – Alerts via email/ SMS/ online: Geofence, accelerating, low artillery, inactivity, fencing span, coarse behavior, ignition, check-engine with DTC, unplug from vehicle.
  • – Configurable alert notification time
  • – Auto wandering on multiple GSM networks in US for best coverage
  • – Real-time online tracking with traffic. Mobile friendly.
  • – Car doctor( most automobiles , not all ): real-time online car diagnostics data: temperature, artillery voltage, power load, locomotive load, hassle code
  • – Loads of the report of the working: daily mileage, stops, transportations, time and speed statistics, fencing stand time, max speed when in or out of fencing, government mileage for IFTA fuel tax
  • – 30 era history
  • – Download data in CSV/ KML format
  • – Unit filter

MasTrack OBD Live GPS Vehicle Tracker | Buy Small GPS Tracking Vehicle

Buy Small GPS Tracking Vehicle
Buy Small GPS Tracking Vehicle

MasTrack OBD tracker is a small GPS tracking vehicle that plugs immediately into the OBD port of any vehicle. No tools or wire required. Simply plug the tracker in and you’re set to go.The MasTrack system is used by business tracking their vehicles and personnel for verification of employee duration sheets and patron billing. This arrangement makes peace of mind to parents maintaining an attention on their teenage operators or monitoring the site of an aging loved one.

  • Real-time GPS informs up to every one minute. Nationwide coverage( USA ). Required monthly subscription as low-grade as $10.99
  • No installation. Simply plugs into OBD-II port available on every vehicle constructed since 1996. 1 Time Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Unlimited email and text word alerts for manipulating, accelerate, geofence, etc
  • Access from any internet permitted machine. No software required. Android and iOS app available
  • 1 Free month of service necessitates 1 month of paid busines. No long term contracts. Cancel any time.

After plugging in your MT-OBD force your install is complete. Your machine will automatically start reporting each time private vehicles is turned on and continue reporting based on your plan service.

Simply log into the web entrance and position live or historic tracking at any time. Access tracking from Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, or other network enabled machines. There is no limit on how often you are able to view your trips. At MasTrack we construct GPS vehicle tracking simple and easy to use. We know there is no one sizing fits all. So we give you the option to pick your own service plan, change programmes or cancel at any time.

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The MT-OBD automatically evidences every time the kindling is switched on and off. You also have had the opportunity of setting up limitless text word and email alerts. Knowing how your vehicle is being driven is no less important as knowing where. The MT-OBD can see aggressive demeanor like coarse braking or rapid acceleration. It can monitor how long your vehicle is sitting idle igniting away gasoline or even let you know if private vehicles is being towed.

Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker GPS Reviews

Portable Vehicle Tracker GPS Reviews
Portable Vehicle Tracker GPS Reviews

Vectu GPS Vehicle tracker is perfect for tracking all kinds of vehicles, from cars, scooter and motorcycles, also to electric bikes and golf car. Enjoy peace of mind with GPS Vectu Vehicle Tracker, knowing that you can locate your vehicle  anywhere, anytime. Vectu GPS tracker comes with an installed SIM card, which allows you to use it anywhere in the world where GSM reception exists

  1.  Device shipped with an installed SIM card and includes 2 days of service at no cost. Service after that at the low cost of $15.00 / quarter or $50.00 prepaid annually. No Activation Fee.
  2. Use of GPS & GSM Network, Vectu can be located via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM (2G) cellular reception exists. No roaming charges.
  3. Unlimited user alerts via text, email, and in-app notifications
  4. GPS based solutions are cost prohibitive whereas products from Vectu remove roaming costs and therefore provide the most cost effective solution worldwide.
  5. Free Android, iOS and web app. Working in tandem with Vectu , the myAspenta mobile/web app provides all the tools needed to securely control and monitor people and things that are most important to you.

Vectu GPS tracker Features:

  • Live tracking – location updates every 60-seconds when your vehicle is moving
  • Instant SMS/Email/Push notifications
  • Works worldwide anywhere GSM cellular reception exists
  • Battery:3000mAh LiPo
  • Geofence – create a geofence and receive alerts whenever Vectu exits this area
  • Speed alerts -set a speed limit and be alerted immediately if it is exceeded
  • Help button that sets off an alert in case of emergency
  • Multiple users -share vectu with family members, friends or care givers
  • Add up to 4 additional phone numbers and 4 email addresses to receive notifications
  • Arm feature – create an instant Safe Spot around the device and be alerted, if it moves from that location
  • View multiple devices on a single map
  • Histotrack -historical trip view
  • Supply Power: 5V USB
  • 90-days location reports & heat map

Vectu GPS tracker Reviews :

this is the best GPS vehicle tracker I have found for money. Big thing for me was the reoccurring fees. this one is free for the first year and somewhere in the 30’s per year after.now about the GPS it has a movement alarm. I walked it around my desk and got a page. It also lets you add additional numbers to send test messages. charge is at 50% after 3 days. I plan on adding a USB port to my motorcycle and plugging it in there and letting it charge.

 Trackmate GPS   MINI  tracker  Car | Best GPS tracker  for  Car

Best GPS tracker for Car
Best GPS tracker for Car

Backed by TrackmateGPS’s Top Rated support. Highly competitive programs start as low-toned as$ 9/ month. Indicator LED daylights display current status. Hard wired/ internal back up artillery. 3 wire harness for easy-going installation. Lightweight -2.4 oz- but heavyweight conduct. Small in size, large-scale in features.

I ever read the examinations and acquire based on them. I bought some of these trackers for resource protection. I installed the first tracker with no problem but when I was re-positioning its placement accidentally “re opening the” artillery extend and plucked the wiring out of its socket. The Trackmate GPS tracker still ran fine without the artillery backup. I contacted the company the following to make sure it was okay to use the tracker without the artillery and they insisted that they change it free of indict even though the damage was my fault. Superb customer service that is truly excellent.

Trackmate GPS  Tracker  Car Reviews:

Works great. The hardest role was encountering the right spot in the fuse box to connect the three contributes. You require a floor result( easy-going) an ever on superpower result, and a lead that comes on only when the engine is circulate. Likewise, you need a hidden place in the car that’s not blocked by metal, and that you can run the three leads to. It took me about 90 minutes to get it hooked up. I had to activate it, and that required a call to customer support. To their credit, I got a human on the line pretty quickly, and he was able to activate my trackmate. The actual operation of the device is excellent, and you can see the place of the vehicle in real time on a Google map provided in the Trackmate website. In hindsight, I should have tested the device outside the car, and gotten it initiated, then installed it in the car.

Edit: it ran great for about two weeks. Then it started having trouble with lost alliances and lost GPS signal. I tried re-positioning it, and that seemed to help, then it moved bad again. I tried lift the internal artillery to do a manual reset. The internal artillery is similar to a cellphone artillery. When I jiggled the tiny superpower plug to tighten it, the plug separated from the motherboard. Getting it re-soldered onto the motherboard would expense more than get a brand-new component. Likewise, I tried calling Customer Support, and no answer. I got a recording that the number “re not in” busines. I likewise emailed Customer Support, and they replied the next business epoch to say that they were transporting me a replacement Mini, which they did, and I received it a few weeks later. Meanwhile, I decided to order a Hydro GPS, which is designed to be waterproof.

Our ORIGINAL DASH Real Time Tracker GPS

Best Vehicle Tracker GPS Reviews
Best Vehicle Tracker GPS Reviews


Vehicle Tracker GPS Features:

  • Standard hard wiring 9-30 V. Optional cigarette plug available
  • Create groups for different branches or vehicle types
  • View live gasoline level with fill up and gasoline usage history.
  • Geo-fence alarms( component enrolls or leaves designated location)
  • Speed, Inactivity( no motion in preset time period) and Power failure alerts
  • Optional wiring( included) for PTO.
  • Lifetime warranty with active account
  • PTO activity can be viewed on map and published on reports
  • Internal back-up artillery supplies up to 6 hours of tracking
  • Send alarms to: multiple email addresses, cellphones or platform
  • Unlimited users and vehicles per account
  • Optional IFTA reports for interstate trucking
  • Remote management for rebooting and troubleshooting
  • Appealing and friendly state of the art tracking platform
  • User friendly reports: available for print, email and download
  • Online diagnostics and reporting of service issues

As others have expressed here, our needs were a little bit non-conventional for accurate GPS tracking. Our corporation deploys rail vehicles equipped with autonomous trail inspection methods all over the country, playing trail inspection services for commercial companies and government agencies. We compelled a GPS tracking system that worked separately of our inspection system. This was to aid in vehicle tracking, trail determination, and real period speed. This system has play-act flawlessly, 24 hrs a epoch, for over two weeks as of now. It has been installed on the roof of a rail automobile that has traveled over 13,000 miles, spanning the two countries several times without issue. Customer service at Trackmate GPS has been outstanding, allowing us to modify the refresh proportion to our custom specifications.

We mounted our system in a waterproofed suit that we bolted to the roof of the railway automobile. Inside the suit with the tracking component we included a 12 vdc artillery that superpowers the unit. We also installed a 12 vdc solar controller that we connected to a solar panel adjacent to the suit. This has provided real period data for weeks with no upkeep compelled. We highly recommend this device for this Cheap GPS vehicle tracking needs and the helpful folks at Trackmate GPS have manufactured the installing and commissioning of the device entirely painless, a refreshing change when so much customer support groups these days are situated overseas. When you talk with TrackmateGPS reps you are talking to folks in US.

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